Trial underway for military families suing US over tainted water at Hawaii base

Richelle Dietz, a mother of two and the wife of a U.S. naval officer stationed in Honolulu, is one of the 17 people who filed suit against the U.S. government. The lawsuit stems from health problems such as vomiting and rashes allegedly related to a 2021 jet fuel leak. The government has admitted responsibility but […]

Ground cinnamon sold at Dollar Tree and Family Dollar tainted with lead: FDA

Powdered cinnamon sold at discount retailers in the United States is contaminated with high levels of lead and should be thrown away. Federal health officials made the announcement Wednesday.. The Food and Drug Administration said cinnamon sold at stores like Dollar Tree and Family Dollar contains levels of lead that can be dangerous to people, […]

Conoco gas station in Camden, NJ, may have sold gas tainted with floodwater, officials say

Check out what's being clicked on A gas station in New Jersey is under investigation for selling gasoline that may have been contaminated by flooding, causing dozens of vehicles to break down. Camden County officials confirmed that at least 26 vehicle owners reported their vehicles stalling after purchasing gas at the Conoco Station on […]

Donald Trump seeks mistrial in ‘tainted’ NYC civil fraud case

In a motion for a mistrial on Wednesday, Donald Trump said the $250 million civil fraud case against him was “tainted” by “overwhelming” bias by the Manhattan judge who decided his fate. “There is,” he claimed. President Trump’s lawyers, Clifford Roberts and Alina Hubba, wrote in a filing in Manhattan Supreme Court on Wednesday morning, […]

CDC Warns Tainted Cinnamon Apple Products Sickening Toddlers In 14 States

U.S. health officials are urging the public to be on alert for possible lead poisoning in children following outbreaks linked to contaminated cinnamon apple puree and applesauce pouches, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). There is. At least 22 young children (ages 1 to 3) in 14 states are affected by […]

Pregnant Jana Kramer’s cheating ex ‘tainted’ babymoons for her

Jana Kramer doesn’t buy into the idea of ​​having a babymoon before the birth of her third child, her first with fiancé Alan Russell. Kramer announced that the couple were expecting a baby in a few weeks after Russell proposed after a six-and-a-half-month courtship. “I’ve been thinking about having a babymoon in October, but I’m […]

Justin Verlander’s five ‘impressive’ innings tainted in Mets loss

Justin Verlander never stood out in the Mets’ 2-1 loss to the Brewers on Monday, but pitched five scoreless innings. In the current state of the Mets, that kind of consistency felt somewhat like a plus, albeit tainted. “It was a little tough, but we changed some mechanics and worked on a lot,” Verlander said […]