AI Is the ‘Largest Technology Transformation’ Since the Internet

In his annual letter to shareholders, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy touted the transformative potential of generative AI while also addressing continued cost-cutting measures. of wall street journal report Andy Jassy, ​​CEO of technology and e-commerce giant Amazon, said in a letter to shareholders in 2024 that generative AI will become the biggest technology since the […]

Staring at the sun: The eclipse, technology, and the Final Frontier

Staring at the solar eclipse with Joe Pappalardo | Back: Technology by Blaze Media Memes about staring at solar eclipses had the mistaken assumption that the temptation of staring into an apocalyptic burn would afflict many of us. “I suspect damage. The possibility of it being caused by a solar eclipse is a bit […]

Amazon ditching ‘Just Walk Out’ technology at grocery stores

Amazon is discontinuing its self-service technology “Just Walk Out” at Amazon Fresh stores in the United States. The company said Wednesday that it will replace in-store technology that allows customers to pick up items in-store and leave without waiting in checkout lines by tracking what they pick up with sensors and cameras. -Told Hill. Instead, […]

US airports adapt to travel surge by expanding use of technology

U.S. airports are adapting to the growing influx of travelers by implementing technology solutions. U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials are working closely with airports to help some travelers bypass traditional immigration lines. E-Gates are also expected to be installed at some airports by the end of summer. The Belgian family of four was on […]

Chinese investment in shale-gas technology is a threat to US innovation

While the United States stands The forefront of shale gas productionwe ignore hidden challenges. Subsidy available Chinese investment is stifling the innovation that defines America’s strength in this critical area. President Biden’s 2024 budget It includes more than $210 billion in federal research and development, the largest commitment in history, with more than half going […]

New technology allows those who are blind to hear and feel April’s solar eclipse

While eclipse viewers focus on the sky, blind and visually impaired people can participate in the celestial event through sound and touch. On April 8, when a total solar eclipse will occur in North America, audio and touch devices will be provided at public gatherings to facilitate the experience. Yuki Hatch, a visually impaired student […]

Chinese company buys BMW-powered flying car technology that allows vehicles to reach 8,200 feet

A Chinese company has purchased BMW-powered flying car technology that has successfully undergone test flights in Europe. The flying car, known as AirCar, is a Slovak-designed, four-wheel, two-seater vehicle that transforms into a road-legal vehicle in just three minutes on the ground. The AirCar comes with a pusher propeller, switchblade-style retractable wings, and a telescoping […]


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