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How to outsmart car thieves with these smart AirTag tactics

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Florida thieves steal Stanley cups, high-end foods, police say

A Florida woman stole 24 Stanley tumbler cups from a hardware store and also stole champagne, lobster and crab meat from other locations, authorities said Monday. According to the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office, two Winn-Dixie stores and two Ace Hardware stores in Nassau County, near Jacksonville in north Florida, were burglarized Saturday. “This incident demonstrates […]

Thieves Posing as Delivery Drivers Break into Colorado Home

A group of men posing as delivery drivers broke into a Colorado family’s home while their two children were at home with a babysitter. Ring doorbell footage from June 12 shows the terrifying moment three men broke into an Aurora home after a babysitter opened the door. Appeared Become a delivery personWith bright vests and […]

Video Shows Thieves Brazenly Loot Jewelry Store In Daylight Heist

Thieves boldly looted a California jewelry store in broad daylight on Wednesday, as captured on video shared by TMZ. A group of 20 people dressed in full covert force gear stormed the PNG Jewelry store in Sunnyvale, California, and carried out a jewelry robbery. according to According to TMZ, surveillance camera footage shows the perpetrators […]

Pair of thieves steal $100K worth of Legos from 6 stores in Southern California

According to local reports, a duo of thieves stole more than $100,000 worth of Lego figures and kits from stores across Southern California. Between April and this month, the duo targeted at least six Bricks & Minifigures stores, a resale business owned by an individual rather than a corporation. NBC4 Los Angeles reported. One of […]