Border Town’s Criminal Prosecutions Explode by 5,000% on Biden’s Watch

Kinney County, Texas, is one of several U.S. border regions where illegal immigration has reached record levels and criminal prosecutions have soared under President Joe Biden’s watch. Kinney County Attorney Brent Smith said during a House Budget Committee hearing last week. Said Lawmakers say the county filed only 134 criminal charges in 2020 under former […]

Oklahoma towns hard hit by tornadoes begin long cleanup after 4 killed in weekend storms

A small Oklahoma town will begin an extended cleanup operation starting Monday after a tornado destroyed homes and buildings, killed four people, including an infant, and expanded a devastating severe weather outbreak across the central United States. It started. Severe storms that began late Saturday in Oklahoma injured at least 100 people, damaged rural hospitals, […]

Tornadoes level Nebraska, Iowa towns, devastating video shows

Hundreds of residents across the Midwest saw their homes reduced to rubble as a swarm of devastating tornadoes ripped through the city center Friday night, with shocking images of the wreckage shown. The Federal Emergency Management Agency said there were as many as 78 possible twisters, mostly in Nebraska and Iowa, that damaged hundreds of […]

Report Claims Russian Hackers Disrupted Texas Town’s Water Supply

report published Cybersecurity firm Mandiant claimed last week that a hacker group linked to the Russian government attacked water utilities around the world, including a treatment facility in the north Texas town of Muleshoe. The hackers were allegedly able to cause the tank to overflow and waste some water, but did not endanger the health […]

Rural Texas towns report cyberattacks that caused one water system to overflow

A hack that flooded a small Texas town’s water system in January has been linked to a shadowy Russian hacktivist group, and U.S. utilities have been targeted by foreign cyberattacks. This is the latest example of this happening. The attack was one of three attacks on small towns in rural Texas Panhandle. Local officials said […]

Empty Israeli Towns Near Border with Lebanon; 60,000 Remain Refugees

SHLOMI, Israel — Tens of thousands of Israelis remain refugees in their home country after an attack by the Iranian-backed terrorist group Hezbollah forced the evacuation of communities near the northern border in October. Hezbollah, based near the Israeli border in violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1707 in 2006, has fired mortars, anti-tank missiles, […]

A small town’s battle against the spirit of the age

Now our country’s “devout Catholic” president It replaced Easter With Transgender Visibility Day set on his calendar, it’s important to understand what your options are to move forward. Now pro-Palestinian protesters The Mass of the Resurrection Vigil was interrupted. At St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City (already the second time this year that this […]

All Senate Dems vote against barring taxpayer funds to fly illegal migrants to US towns

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