OHA aims to rebuild trust after withholding alcohol tax report –

Portland, Oregon (light seal) — At Friday’s task force meeting, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) said it is prioritizing restoring community trust after previously hiding reports from the public. The report states that increasing taxes will not curb abusive drinking, contradicting OHA’s previous efforts to increase taxes. Overall, the report also found that higher taxes […]

Trust the experts: Nero was one of Rome’s greatest emperors

A surprising new study conducted by a panel of experts specializing in the Roman Empire has ranked Nero among the top 10 Roman emperors. The Greatness of the Roman Empire project’s expert survey was conducted among current and recent members of the Roman Emperors and Imperial Politics section of the Roman Historical Society, the leading […]

Dr. Drew Pinsky: It’s hard to trust the mainstream media

Dr. Drew Pinsky never believed the media distorted the truth until a real estate mogul entered the political fray. Dr. Pinsky is a board-certified physician and addiction medicine expert who has been a member of the media world for decades. He co-hosted the radio call-in show “Loveline,” appeared on reality shows such as “Celebrity Rehabilitation […]

Transgender ‘Chestfeeding’ as Safe as Milk From Mothers: NHS Trust

The local body of the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) has declared that pharmaceutically induced breastfeeding in biological males is as healthy for infants as breast milk produced by mothers. Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust (USHT), which runs the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital, the Royal Sussex County Hospital and Worthing Hospital, says that milk produced […]


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