DAVID BLACKMON: The Supreme Court Just Voted Unanimously To Rein In Biden’s EPA

The Supreme Court on Thursday ruled unanimously that the Environmental Protection Agency had erred from its powers by seeking to significantly expand the scope of regulation under the Clean Water Act. The Court unanimously ruled in favor of the plaintiffs in this action, ruling that: Sackett vs EPAThey challenged the authorities’ ruling that property purchased […]

Blue state county votes unanimously against offshore wind development

A county in New Jersey voted unanimously to oppose proposed offshore wind farms on its coastline, saying the project would harm the environment, tourism and beach landscape. The Cape May County Commission in New Jersey voted 4-0 this week to pass a resolution allowing the reasonable use of all the county’s resources to oppose a […]

Supreme Court unanimously rejects ethics complaints by Democrats

The United States Supreme Court has unanimously dismissed an ethics complaint by Democrats against Justice Clarence Thomas. Senator Richard Durbin (D-Illinois), chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said: letter On April 20, I asked Chief Justice John Roberts to attend a hearing on a potential conflict of interest within the Supreme Court. The letter was […]

House unanimously approves resolution condemning Russia for downing US drone

The House of Representatives on Monday unanimously approved a resolution condemning Russia for shooting down a US Air Force drone over the Black Sea last month. of resolution — 2 pages — Passed by 410-0 votes. Specifically, it “condemns the reckless actions of the Russian military” and “reaffirms that Russia’s reckless actions will not deter […]

Memphis panel unanimously votes to reinstate state Rep. Justin Pearson to Tennessee House

A committee in Memphis, Tennessee, Wednesday unanimously voted to reinstate state legislator Justin Pearson. After being ousted from the Republican-run state legislature along with his fellow Democrat Justin Jones, Pearson gained national recognition with praise from the White House. Speak in reverse order on the loudspeaker and on the floor of the house. Democratic Rep. […]

House unanimously passes bill to work to remove China’s ‘developing country’ label

The House of Representatives on Monday unanimously passed a bill urging the secretary of state to remove the People’s Republic of China’s “developing country” label in international organizations. of measurement — with the title “China Is Not a Developing Countries Act” — cleared the House by 415 votes to 0. The bill requires the Secretary […]