The Unfortunate Truth About Claiming Social Security at Age 70 – The Motley Fool

The most common advice for retirees is to delay enrolling in Social Security for as long as possible, preferably until age 70. The reason is certain. Once you start receiving benefits, delaying your benefits will guarantee higher monthly benefits, and delaying them until age 70 will most likely maximize your lifetime benefits . However, there […]

LIV Golf’s Harold Varner III arrested and booked with unfortunate DWI charge

Harold Varner III was in the news this week after the LIV golfer was arrested for driving while impaired in Charlotte, North Carolina. Records show that around 7:30 p.m., Varner be detained He failed a breathalyzer test, according to Charlotte's local WBTV news station. His blood alcohol level was .16. This number is twice his […]

First Responder Bowl referee has unfortunate hot mic moment

Everyone is having a rough day at work. But only some people get to broadcast it on national television. It's safe to say that college football referee Ed Ardito fit the latter description Tuesday night at the First Responder Bowl in Dallas. Texas State won its first-ever bowl game with a 45-21 win over Rice, […]

Unfortunate injuries ruined value of two top fantasy picks

Anyone who plays fantasy football I know how frustrating it is when your team goes down due to injuries. You feel helpless knowing there is nothing you can do except do your best and minimize the damage with your waiver wire pickup. We've seen top draft picks fall apart over the years, but the 2023 […]

Justice Dept. ends probe of cops’ use of force in drug suspect’s arrest; suspect’s lawyer calls fed’s decision ‘unfortunate’

The Justice Department has concluded its investigation into Florida police’s use of force in the arrest of a drug suspect in late September. Associated Press reported. According to the Associated Press, James Fuerte Jr., chief of the department’s criminal division, said in a letter to Jacksonville Sheriff TK Waters that Lekeean Woods’ arrest does not […]

Bryson DeChambeau’s ‘unfortunate’ reaction to OWGR points denial of LIV Golf

On Tuesday, the Official World Golf Ranking’s board rejected LIV Golf’s application. Players on the Saudi-sponsored tour will not earn points towards the 2024 world rankings. Bryson DeChambeau, one of LIV’s biggest names, said: Thoughts on denial, By Flushing It Golf. “It’s unfortunate, but it’s the same situation as it has been for the last […]

Bolton: Trump’s example has ‘unfortunate ripple effect’

Former national security adviser John Bolton said former President Donald Trump was not setting a good example and argued that his actions could have “unfortunate ripple effects.” “I think the president’s example has an unfortunate ripple effect throughout the bureaucracy, creating a lot of cynicism and a lot of carelessness,” Bolton said. Said President Trump […]

RGIII Mocked for Unfortunate Comment During Ole Miss-LSU Game

Trying really hard is a commonly admired trait. Unless you’re a sports broadcaster. Then it could really backfire on you. So did former NFL player and current ESPN analyst Robert Griffin III on Saturday night. During Ole Miss’s eventual comeback against LSU, Griffin was looking for a dramatic analogy for the Rebels shutting down an […]


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