Jewish Students Aren’t Unsafe, Columbia Will ‘Reinforce’ Incorrect Views that Jews Have More Power

On Tuesday’s NPR “Morning Edition” broadcast, Debbie Boettcher, an associate professor of sociology at Barnard College, said, “Leaders are telling Jewish students who support Israel’s war in Gaza that they are not safe. “It’s unfortunate,” he said, adding that while anti-Semitism should be taken seriously, “the university is collaborating with Republicans and Democrats, with immediate […]

SIDS cases linked to babies’ unsafe sleep habits, study finds

Placing your baby to sleep outside of a crib or dedicated solo sleeping space can pose life-threatening risks. This is according to a recent study published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the medical journal Pediatrics. Among infants who died suddenly, 59.5% were sleeping with someone at the time. About 76% […]

University of Maryland suspends fraternities, sororities over alleged unsafe activities

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