Google collected children’s voices, license plates: report

A trove of leaked internal documents reportedly revealed that Google collected children’s voice data and recorded carpool routes, including license plate numbers and home addresses. The privacy breaches included thousands of disturbing incidents reported by Google employees between 2013 and 2018. 404 Media Coverage The company announced the matter on Monday, shortly after a massive […]

NFL Says They Do Not Agree with Harrison Butker After He Voices Christian Values

Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker gave a powerful speech to a group of Benedictine College alumni on Saturday in support of Christian values. Now, the NFL says it disagrees with Butker. In her commencement speech, Butker slammed President Joe Biden’s pro-abortion stance, urged male graduates to embrace their masculinity, and told female graduates that there is […]

John Sterling tributes pour in after Yankees voice’s retirement

Tributes continue to pour in for Yankees broadcaster John Sterling after he announced his retirement on Monday. From the Islanders to the governor’s office, everyone wanted to show Sterling some love. Sterling hung up his headphones after an illustrious hockey-driven career that started with calling games for his former NBA team, the Washington Bullets. baseball. […]

De-transitioner warns shareholders that Disney will pay a price for ‘stealing the voices of thousands of little Ariels’

Victims of so-called “gender-affirming care” notified Disney shareholders on Wednesday that the company could soon face lawsuits over its support for employee genital mutilation. Chloe Cole, a woman who has been permanently scarred by gender ideology, further emphasized the importance of the company considering providing benefits to those seeking to ‘de-transition’. Awakened company The Walt […]

OpenAI Unveils Audio Feature That Read Texts, Clones Human Voices

OpenAI told reporters earlier this month that it decided against widespread deployment of this feature. OpenAI is sharing early results from testing its ability to read words out loud in a convincing human voice. This highlights new frontiers for artificial intelligence and raises concerns about the risk of deepfakes. The company is sharing early demos […]

Has Obamacare been a success? – Yahoo! Voices

what’s happening President Biden is always taken into account The Affordable Care Act (ACA), the massive health care reform commonly known as Obamacare, is considered a “big deal.” Over the weekend, he celebrated the 14th anniversary of the bill’s signing, but instead of celebrating, he warned that the bill could be in jeopardy if it […]