Only 7% of Voters Say Joe Biden’s Economy Is ‘Very Good’

A CBS News poll found that just 7% of voters think President Joe Biden’s economy is doing “very well,” while 34% think it is doing “very badly” — a 27-point difference. Polls offer warning signs for Biden’s chances of reelection: The economy is the No. 1 issue for voters. Overall, the economy is in bad […]

Why does Michigan have MORE registered voters than citizens?

Americans’ trust in the electoral system has declined significantly since Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election. With November 5 looming, people across the country are questioning whether this election will be fair. Blaze TV host Sara Gonzalez I recently traveled with the Blaze Originals team to Michigan to investigate the state’s […]

Donald Trump to Court Black Voters in Detroit Saturday

Former President Donald Trump is headed to Detroit, Michigan on Saturday to rally support among the city’s black voters. “Saturday’s roundtable will be held at 180th Church, 13660 Stansbury Road, on Detroit’s west side.” Reports of Detroit News“Doors will open at 1pm. The event will start around 4pm.” “President Donald J. Trump, the 45th President […]

Voters expect Biden to forget where he is during debates: poll

A shocking new poll finds that half of American voters expect President Biden to again forget where he is in the upcoming crucial presidential debate, and more than a third expect him to disappear from the stage. A staggering 70% expect the gaffe-prone 81-year-old president to slip up during the TV debate, while 40% think […]

Trump Makes Stunning Inroads with Young Voters 

Polling trends suggest that former President Donald Trump could win the young vote in 2024 and upend nearly three decades of Democratic dominance among that age group. No Republican presidential candidate has captured the young vote since. 1988It was the year the federal government banned smoking on domestic flights of two hours or less, and […]

James Carville sounds off on Dems hemorrhaging support of Latino male voters: ‘We’re gonna f—in lose ’em!’

Democratic political strategist James Carville expressed concern about the Democratic Party losing minority voters, particularly Latino voters, ahead of the 2024 election cycle and criticized “preachy women” in the party. Carville’s comments came during an appearance on Donny Deutsch’s podcast “On Brand,” in which he highlighted the Democratic Party’s “big male problem” in “communities of […]

Ohio election demonstrates Dem edge among key voters

Tuesday’s special election in Ohio to fill a vacant U.S. House seat showed Democrats have an advantage among active voters, with the district’s vote share favoring Democrats by about 20 points compared to the last election. In the special election for Ohio’s 6th Congressional District, Republican State Senator Michael Lurie defeated his Democratic opponent Michael […]