Jesse Watters: Democrats are screaming to make Trump go away,

Fox News host Jesse Watters on Monday shared his thoughts on how former President Trump will fare in the 2024 election.jesse watters prime time. ” Jesse Waters: Trump will have plenty of money to win. The trial is backfiring. He speaks about abortion with nuance. Just imagine? Trump is nuanced And he has the upper […]

Watters: Biden’s economic boom is not for Americans, but for foreign-born illegal immigrants

FOX News host Jesse Watters reacted to Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s alleged confession about “immigrant job fairs” on “Jesse Watters Prime Time.” Tyson says hiring immigrants while firing American workers is ‘the decline of the American dream’: top Republican Jesse Waters: The Fed chairman recently made this confession.bidenomics“This is just an immigrant job fair. […]

Jesse Watters: This ‘dictator on Day 1’ hoax has done a number on the Democrats

Fox News host Jesse Watters said on Wednesday’s “Jesse Watters Prime Time” that at this stage of the campaign, with President Biden unable to lead former President Trump in a single battleground state, he is “in bed.” He warned that they should not be present. Former ESPN host says Biden interview was all ‘scripted’ by […]


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