Shannon Watts Claims No Background Check Required to Buy Rifle in TX

Claim: Mike Bloomberg’s gun control affiliate, Shannon Watts, claimed on April 29 that background checks are not required to purchase rifles and other long-arms in Texas. verdict: False when it comes to retail gun sales. POS background checks for gun retail sales–handgun and rifle– Required by federal law regardless of the state in which the […]

Shannon Watts Blames Nashville School Shooting on Permitless Carry

Shannon Watts, Mike Bloomberg’s gun control affiliate, blamed an unauthorized mobile phone for the shooting at a Covenant school in the Nashville area before details of the incident were revealed. Metropolitan Nashville Police Department (MNPD) murmured Regarding the 11 a.m. central time incident, he noted that they engaged the gunman and he died. A lively […]

Blair Watts charged in death of Pennsylvania mother Jennifer Brown

The former business partner of murdered Pennsylvania mother Jennifer Brown was charged with murder Thursday after her body was found in a shallow grave last month, prosecutors said. The Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office has charged Blair Watts with first and third degree murder, more than a month after the 33-year-old murder suspect reported Brown […]