Jason Whitlock Delano Squires what makes a black man America

What constitutes a black person in America today? Author Delano Squires has an interesting answer. Squires said that on Transgender Day of Remembrance, many Black officials, including Wes Moore, Eric Adams, Brandon Scott, and Brandon Johnson, “said the same lines about trans brothers, violence, and Day of Remembrance. I realized I was repeating myself.” “The […]

Whitlock on why he’s ripped Deion & Colorado all season

If there’s one name that’s been on Jason Whitlock’s mind lately, it’s Deion Sanders, and for good reason. “At this point, Deion Sanders has more in common with Jim Jones than with Nick Saban,” Whitlock said, noting that the notorious cult leader in his speech “has a lot more in common with Christian theology, Marxism, […]

Opportunity given created Whitlock Sapp Faulk victimhood NFL

Victimhood has often led to increased sympathy and opportunity in recent years, and it has become quite seductive, especially considering the DEI efforts being implemented in institutions large and small across the country. But do these efforts actually help? Are they doing the right thing and actually giving a boost to the people who need […]

Whitlock: “Deion Sanders coaching malpractice clinic”

Jason Whitlock isn’t a fan of Deion Sanders’ coaching, and unlike many others, he’s not afraid to say it. “Deion Sanders is holding a coaching fraud clinic and no one is allowed to talk about it, criticize him or correct him because he’s black,” Whitlock said. “That’s my fire starter,” he added. Whitlock not only […]

Whitlock: The decline of the NFL mirrors the collapse of America

The NFL has the same problems as all of America. It’s that the main thing is no longer the main thing. For nearly 200 years, the pursuit of freedom has been central to America. We quarreled, fought, protested, boycotted, and killed in our quest to give freedom to all our people. Sixty years ago, we […]

Whitlock: The NFL ‘pump and dump’ scheme has fallen and can’t get up

When I think of the NFL, I think of the documentary “The Smartest Guys in the Room.”It chronicled the collapse of Enron. Roger Goodell is Jeffrey Skilling, the CEO who tried to save Enron with a fraudulent accounting scheme that allowed him to claim projected revenues as immediate profits. For years, corporate media and market […]

Whitlock: We need a forensic investigation of the clash between Israel and Hamas

Watching the horrific events happening in Israel and Gaza, I thought of Peter Thomas, the greatest voice in the history of American television. Thomas narrated one of my favorite TV shows, “Forensic Files.” This series is his series of 30-minute documentaries detailing the unraveling of real-life murder mysteries. Before becoming famous on television, Thomas served […]


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