Whitlock: Taylor Swift didn’t ruin Super Bowl, Lamar Jackson

If you believe that Taylor Swift’s injection into the current NFL season was a month-long psychological operation to exaggerate the pop star’s popularity and influence in order to sway the 2024 election, you’re angry, at least to the right people. Should. “Concentrate your worries on the race pundits,” Jason Whitlock said, adding, “They lured the […]

Whitlock Taylor Swift bigger than Beyoncé & Michael Jackson?

Pop star Taylor Swift’s relationship with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has been the subject of much debate lately. Fans complain that they don’t want to watch the game if the cameras focus on Swift in the stands rather than the players on the field. However, Front Office Sports estimates that Swift has […]

ESPNers back up Stephen A. Smith’s furious Jason Whitlock takedown

Stephen A. Smith may be the angriest Jason Whitlock hater, but he's far from alone. Jemele Hill and others slam Whitlock after 'First Take' host called Blaze Media personality a 'bitch' and 'slut' in long, fiery rant on 'The Stephen A. Smith Show' did. And I remembered my own experience working with him. “Stephen A. […]

Stephen A. Smith eviscerates Jason Whitlock, escalates feud

The feud between Aaron Rodgers and Jimmy Kimmel seems tame compared to the feud between Stephen A. Smith and Jason Whitlock. The ESPN “First Take” member spent 40 minutes on Wednesday's “Stephen A. Smith Show” to air his grievances with Whitlock, who recently questioned claims in Smith's memoir. He uttered merciless abuse. Whitlock criticized Smith's […]

Jason Whitlock destroyed for X-rated ad tantrum

Jason Whitlock was trolling himself with an X post without his knowledge, but the internet won't shut him up. Whitlock, a sports commentator and Blaze Media host, claimed that an inappropriate sexually explicit ad popped up when he searched for the 2023 NFL standings on on Monday. . The 56-year-old media personality shared a […]

Jason Whitlock Delano Squires what makes a black man America

What constitutes a black person in America today? Author Delano Squires has an interesting answer. Squires said that on Transgender Day of Remembrance, many Black officials, including Wes Moore, Eric Adams, Brandon Scott, and Brandon Johnson, “said the same lines about trans brothers, violence, and Day of Remembrance. I realized I was repeating myself.” “The […]

Whitlock on why he’s ripped Deion & Colorado all season

If there’s one name that’s been on Jason Whitlock’s mind lately, it’s Deion Sanders, and for good reason. “At this point, Deion Sanders has more in common with Jim Jones than with Nick Saban,” Whitlock said, noting that the notorious cult leader in his speech “has a lot more in common with Christian theology, Marxism, […]


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