Next AI winners are not your usual suspects

rapid rise in Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology is driving movements in financial markets, and some of the companies that will benefit from it may not be the traditional technology names that often pop up in AI discussions. An example of this is the recent rise of Nvidia, the world’s most valuable chipmaker, which briefly […]

Husband smashes beauty pageant winner’s crown after wife loses

Second best was clearly not enough for this pageant girl’s number one fan. With rage in his eyes and heartbreak in his heart after his wife was awarded second place honors, the liberal husband stormed the stage of Brazil’s LGBTQIAP+ beauty pageant, hijacking the winner’s crown and lashing out. Local news reported that he slammed […]

Women Cyclists Refuse to Stand on Winner’s Podium after Transgender ‘Woman’ Wins Race

After a transgender “woman” won Sunday’s women’s division at a Colorado cycling race, the second and third-placed women refused to climb onto the podium for photos. . Colorado resident Leslie Mumford claimed to have “transgendered” to female in 2017 and took the top spot in the women’s category at Sunday’s 160-mile Desert Gravel Co2Ut. Yet […]

Biggest winners and losers in the blockbuster Fox-Dominion settlement 

The last-minute settlement between Fox News and Dominion Voting Systems this week has reverberated throughout the political and media world. Experts and observers alike believe that the deal, which was struck in dramatic fashion just before discussions began in court over the Dominion lawsuit, will affect the future of Fox in particular and the defamation […]

First-round winners, MVP, Conn Smythe pick

Commercial Content 21+ The first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs is one of the best times of the year for hockey fans and bettors. Round 1 always promises chaos and always has shockers. In short, the betting board has a lot of value. Let’s break it down: Odds and Predictions for the NHL Playoff […]

Greg Norman and LIV Golf were big winners at the Masters

Augusta, GA — A strange week. Never mind the torrential rains that disrupted play for two days and the treacherous winds that cut down three tall pine trees that nearly crushed many patrons on Friday. No, it’s not that weird. Kind of like this: Greg Norman finally wins the Masters. Well, hey. Norman wasn’t even […]

Janet Yellen Admits Government Choosing Bank Bailout Winners and Losers

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen admitted Thursday to the US Senate that the government is picking winners and losers in the rigged bank bailout lottery. And, in case you didn’t know, the loser certainly looks like the small community bank that big banks (and Democrats) want to get rid of. Oklahoma Republican Senator James Lankford asked […]

The biggest winners and losers of NFL Free Agency so far

As we wrap up the first week of NFL free agency, we’re starting to get a good idea of ​​how teams will enter the draft. But I’ve more or less seen the biggest dominoes fall. Unlike 2022, we won’t see a huge shoe drop in a completely ridiculous market like the Jaguars did with Christian […]

Newcastle United fan gets winners’ tattoo before defeat

Don’t put your feet in front of the ball. An English football fan was so sure his team would win the trophy at home for the first time in 70 years that he got a celebratory tattoo on his leg, only to lose a major match. Newcastle United fan Chris Cook, 31, said even his […]