Afghanistan document shows Biden ‘didn’t heed’ warnings ahead of withdrawal, Rep. McCaul says

IRS denies retaliation against Biden family whistleblower Former FBI Special Agent Jonathan Gilliam joins “Fox & Friends First” for IRS response to Biden family whistleblower alleging retaliation and files related to alleged Biden family “criminal plot” Discussed the FBI’s refusal to extradite him. President Biden’s administration has fallen on deaf ears to certain warnings from […]

House GOP plans to hit Blinken with historic contempt-of-Congress charge after he misses deadline to turn in damning Afghanistan withdrawal document

Secretary of State Antony Brinken missed another deadline to submit to Congress a prophetic 2021 memo that had foretold the Biden administration that the Afghan withdrawal would turn into an absolute nightmare. Biden officials are not impunity for failing to comply with congressional requests, according to reports. what is the background? According to The Wall […]

Russia’s Wagner Group boss backpedals on Bakhmut withdrawal

Evgeny Prigozhin, the founder of the Wagner mercenary group, has reversed a planned withdrawal policy from Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine, prompting Russian top military officials to supply him with just enough “ammunition and weapons” for his fighters. He claimed that he had promised to send it. Prigogine shared Audio message on his Telegram channel On […]

Russia’s Wagner leader reverses withdrawal threat from Bakhmut

The leader of the Russian private mercenary group Wagner Group appeared to reverse last week’s announcement that on Sunday his forces would withdraw from the front-line Ukrainian city of Bakhmut, which has been under attack for months. rice field. Evgeny Prigozhin, a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, released a terrifying video last week […]

Russia’s Wagner Chief Threatens Bakhmut Withdrawal over Lack of Ammo

(AFP) – Russian militia leader Yevgeny Prigozhin said on Friday in an unusual attack on a military chief ahead of an expected offensive by Kiev in Bakhmut, the epicenter of Ukraine’s decisive battle against Moscow forces. threatened to withdraw front-line troops from the In a series of scathing videos, Prigozhin blamed Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu […]

Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal was chaotic. I should know. I was there.

newYou can now listen to Fox News articles! In a not-surprising announcement, the Biden administration reassessed its actions, realized it was not at fault for its mishandling withdrawal from Afghanistan, and chose instead to blame the previous administration. This is an insulting attempt to hold them accountable for the failure that killed 13 military personnel […]

Taliban killed mastermind behind airport attack during 2021 Afghanistan withdrawal

The Taliban have killed the ISIS-K ringleader behind a 2021 bombing of Kabul’s airport that killed 13 US soldiers and 170 Afghans. According to Associated Press. The ISIS-K leader was killed by the Taliban during a series of military operations against terrorist groups in southern Afghanistan in early April, the AP said, citing US officials […]