The wokeness behind the AI curtain

The integration of artificial intelligence in the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” has the potential to bring rapid and profound changes to the social and cultural landscape, exceeding the speed and disruptive impact of previous industrial revolutions. Quite apart from science fiction-inspired doomsday scenarios, AI’s most pressing risk is that it threatens our understanding of the world […]

Walt Disney admits culture wars, wokeness hurt company

The Walt Disney Company recently acknowledged that wokeness and the culture wars are having a major impact on the entire multinational entertainment and media conglomerate. Disney also warned investors that the company’s wake poses a risk to its “reputation and brand.” Last week, the Walt Disney Company filed its annual financial report for the fiscal […]

Bankrupt Miss Universe goes off the rails with wokeness

The once-lauded Miss Universe pageant has become a running joke among woke progressives, with its latest contest offering a multifaceted display of social justice. Accusations that the failure was due to a new perspective on the pageant surfaced days before the competition, after it was revealed that Miss Universe’s owner, Thai company JKN Global, was […]

Wokeness, DEI, Target Jewish Community

Jewish organizations should unite against the establishment’s “diversity, equity, and inclusion” woke policies that are destroying America’s ideals of strength, science, and debate, says Bari, a retired newspaper journalist. Weiss says new york times Because of woke politics. She says the Jewish community should not appease DEI ideology or try to rise to the top […]

Victoria’s Secret ditches wokeness over sexiness after sales drop

Lingerie chain Victoria’s Secret is reportedly ditching its recent feminist makeover after it failed to bring business success. As explained in a recent article, Victoria’s Secret’s revenue has fallen significantly since the brand decided to move away from its “hypersexual” image. For this reason, the company is trying to reinvent itself and regain “sexiness” […]

EXCLUSIVE–Tuberville Fights Pentagon Wokeness, Mainstream Media

Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.) spoke to Breitbart News about his fight against the government’s woke policies amid a barrage of attacks from mainstream media allied with Democrats. Mr. Tuberville, in his first political office, brings a different approach to a legislative body known for getting along. “I’m not a politician, okay? And I tell people, […]

David Wells takes on wokeness, Nike, Bud Light and MLB

Former MLB star David Wells responded to progressive stalwart Keith Olbermann with the perfect response in the online uproar over the Bud Light controversy. The former New York Yankees starting pitcher also took offense to Nike’s corporate awakening and coddling of Major League Baseball players. Wells appeared at the 75th Annual Old Timers Day held […]

MacIntyre: Wokeness is not going away

I have been debating with other political commentators about whether the ruling classes will withdraw from their awakened ideological focus. The administration’s insistence on imposing transgender indoctrination on children has generated an incredible organic backlash, and the encouragement of BLM riots during the pandemic has exposed the anarchic tyranny of our establishment. , the regime’s […]


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