MacIntyre: Wokeness is not going away

I have been debating with other political commentators about whether the ruling classes will withdraw from their awakened ideological focus. The administration’s insistence on imposing transgender indoctrination on children has generated an incredible organic backlash, and the encouragement of BLM riots during the pandemic has exposed the anarchic tyranny of our establishment. , the regime’s […]

Republicans Take a Wood Chipper to Military Wokeness with Defense Bill

Republicans in the House and Senate not only raised soldiers’ salaries by 5.2%, shred If this is enacted into law, the entire military and Department of Defense (DOD) bureaucracy will wake up. House Republicans banded together on Friday to push the 2024 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) through the House with an almost entirely narrow […]

2 Oregon mayors resign after ridiculing wokeness, LGBTQ issues on social media

Two Oregon mayors have announced their resignations after evidence was found mocking LGBTQ and other high-profile issues in private social media posts. On Monday, Dean Sawyer resigned as mayor of Newport, a city of about 10,000 people on the Pacific coast. sawyer He was first elected to the Newport City Council in 2011 and was […]

Woke Culture Unmasked: Dylan Mulvaney’s Corporate Wokeness

No matter how much companies wake up, they never wake up enough. Considering recent events, this also includes Bud Light. “It will never arrive,” comments Stu Bruguière. “All of these threats that continue to exist against you continue to exist, and in fact are even worse after you are involved.” “This is a lesson all […]

DEI and the business of corporate wokeness is here — and it’s big

If you want to know why transgender media influencers soaking in bubble baths appear in Bud Light ads, why big corporations fund radical Marxist charities like Black Lives Matter. Alternatively, to understand why the de facto racial quota exists under the euphemism of “diversity,” you need to know about the business of “DEI.” It is […]

House and Senate Republicans Take a Buzzsaw to Wokeness in the Military

Republicans on both House and Senate Armed Services Committees launched a buzzsaw this week to wake up the military by pushing a defense bill that curbs the Biden administration’s efforts to promote race- and gender-based training and initiatives across the Pentagon. bottom. Known as the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the bill authorizes all DoD […]

ADAM WEISS: How The War On Corporate Wokeness Is Finally Being Won

The message that if you wake up for no strategic reason you will go bankrupt is finally permeating the entire American corporate landscape. Shares of retail giant Target hit its lowest level in more than three years after it unveiled its “PRIDE” collection in May, which included “foldable” genital swimwear, children’s clothing, books and drinks […]

Mike Waltz Introduces WARRIOR Act to Stop Wokeness in the Military

Military Readiness Subcommittee Chairman Mike Waltz (R-Florida) on Thursday introduced legislation aimed at preventing further politicization of the Pentagon by the Biden administration and improving military readiness. . Waltz calls for the Biden Department of Defense to stop using race as a basis for recruiting and promoting personnel, and to stop teaching important racial theories […]

Andrew Cuomo teams up with black leaders to challenge wokeness

Former Governor Cuomo is teaming up with black leaders to challenge awakened progressives in New York City and across the country. The disgraced former governor, who was kicked out of office after more than a dozen women accused him of sexual misconduct, is taking second action with the National Black Empowerment Action Fund to launch […]


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