Special counsel Jack Smith says Trump’s handling of classified docs far worse than Biden’s: ‘Starkly different’

Special Counsel Jack Smith’s team drew sharp and scathing contrasts between former President Donald Trump and President Biden over their respective mishandling of classified materials. In a fierce rebuttal to Mr. Trump’s lawyers, who accused the special counsel of launching a “selective” and “retaliatory” prosecution and asked for the case to be dismissed, Mr. Smith’s […]

Yes, Google’s Gemini AI is racist — and it will only get worse

Artificial intelligence has reached a point where we don’t know what’s real and what’s not, except in the case of Google and its new AI app Gemini. I remember in my early books warning about the dangers of AI and encouraging people not to be afraid of the system. There’s no need to fear AI. […]

China’s Real Estate Crisis Gets Worse

China’s new home prices fell again in January, and existing home sales fell further, the steepest decline in nine years. The latest unfortunate figures suggest that the Chinese government’s efforts to revive its volatile real estate market have not been successful, with some of China’s biggest real estate companies still on the brink of bankruptcy. […]


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