‘The greatest thinker you’ve never heard of’: expert who explained Hitler’s rise is finally in the spotlight | Books

IIn 1944, groundbreaking political economist Karl Polanyi published his radical masterpiece, A major transformationIn it, he accused influential liberal economists, including David Ricardo and Thomas Malthus, of commodifying humans and the environment in the name of free markets. Their industrial-era ideas, he argued, led to the barbarism and poverty that accompanied 19th-century globalization and unrestrained […]

Kari Lake’s Arizona Campaign Looks Like Nothing You’ve Seen Before

The Trump-aligned Republican’s non-traditional campaign represents a broader break from the old-line Republican Party.   Arizona Republican Kari Lake is running for governor as a hard-charging outsider. That’s why it came as a surprise when, ahead of the August primary, a supporter asked her about a rumor that she’d hired prominent GOP strategists closely aligned […]

MSNBC host VIRAL for saying the craziest thing you’ve heard

At this point, most people, including many liberals, acknowledge Joe Biden’s cognitive decline. Yet much of the mainstream media continues to perpetuate the lie that Biden is convincing enough to carry out the job of president. But one MSNBC host has taken the idea of ​​Biden’s competence to such an unprecedented level of ridiculousness that […]

You’ve been pronouncing Travis and Jason Kelce’s last name wrong

As it turns out, we were fumbling when it came to pronouncing Travis and Jason Kelce's last names. The duo's nicknames were in the spotlight again this week after the NFL shared a clip on social media showing Kansas City Chiefs player Chris Jones realizing he was pronouncing “Kelsey” incorrectly. . “Do you all know […]

‘You’ve Lost The White House’: Analyst Breaks Down Why Biden Admin’s ‘Weakness’ On Israel Could Break 2024 Election

Ned Leune, founder and CEO of American Majority, said Tuesday that President Joe Biden’s “weakness” in the Israel-Hamas war could cost him the White House as the 2024 presidential election approaches. Leune, a panelist on “The Ingraham Angle,” discussed Biden’s “incredible weaknesses,” particularly detailing the president’s accommodative policy toward Iran. report claims that the state […]