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You’ve been pronouncing Travis and Jason Kelce’s last name wrong

As it turns out, we were fumbling when it came to pronouncing Travis and Jason Kelce's last names. The duo's nicknames were in the spotlight again this week after the NFL shared a clip on social media showing Kansas City Chiefs player Chris Jones realizing he was pronouncing “Kelsey” incorrectly. . “Do you all know […]

‘You’ve Lost The White House’: Analyst Breaks Down Why Biden Admin’s ‘Weakness’ On Israel Could Break 2024 Election

Ned Leune, founder and CEO of American Majority, said Tuesday that President Joe Biden’s “weakness” in the Israel-Hamas war could cost him the White House as the 2024 presidential election approaches. Leune, a panelist on “The Ingraham Angle,” discussed Biden’s “incredible weaknesses,” particularly detailing the president’s accommodative policy toward Iran. report claims that the state […]

Deion Sanders downplays effectiveness of sign-stealing: ‘You’ve still got to stop it’

The University of Michigan’s football program is embroiled in a sign-stealing controversy, but Deion Sanders isn’t too concerned about it. Colorado State’s head coach says sign-stealing is essentially meaningless if it’s not implemented. “Everybody’s trying to get any advantage they can. You can get someone’s entire game plan. They can mail it to you. You […]

‘Nobody Is Entitled to Be Nominated — You’ve Got to Earn It’

Appearing on Fox News Channel’s “America Report” on Friday, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) insisted that his 2024 presidential campaign was built with an eye toward the “long game.” He claims to be competing in Iowa, and despite lackluster polling so far, some voters may still be undecided about voting for him. He said no Florida […]

Fetterman BROKE internet WEIRDEST fashion trend you’ve seen

Never mind the fact that Sen. John Fetterman somehow still has 1,936 days left in his term. And never mind the fact that he’s “always good for a quote,” even if it’s a cringe-inducing one. You’ll even miss his two ridiculous reactions to the announcement of an impeachment inquiry. Today we will focus on the […]

Fox Replays John Kennedy Reading Pornographic Kids Books — It’s The Longest Censorship Bleep You’ve Ever Heard

Fox News aired an unusually long censorship beep during its Wednesday segment as the “Outnumbered” committee reacted to footage of Republican Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy reading a sexually explicit children’s book. flowed. Kennedy read excerpts from “Gender Queer” by Maia Kobabe and “All Boys Aren’t Blue” by George M. Johnson. Both contain pornographic and LGBT […]

most EPIC takedown of climate change activists you’ve seen

Climate activists aren’t exactly known for their logic. Many of them believe that by lying in front of cars, sticking to objects, and destroying art, they can magically tip the scales toward a greener future. It seems that. That was certainly the mentality that the anti-capitalist climate change activist group Seven Circles had at this […]

Your phone tracks everywhere you’ve been – See (and delete) it

Google knows you better than your best friend. This includes where you’ve been (if you’ve enabled the appropriate settings) and any photos you’ve taken at that location. You should check this map. It’s great to see your history all in one place. Apple users, you’re not immune either. iPhone tracks the places you frequent. Here’s […]

John Fetterman’s Wife Lays Out The Future Liberals Want — And It’s The Worst Thing You’ve Ever Seen

Liberals only want one thing… and it sucks. Well, technically three things, but they all fall under the same umbrella of the broader liberal worldview. In her analysis of Thursday night’s Republican debate, Laura Ingraham wryly compared Republican and Democratic campaign platforms. “Okay, this is the Democratic platform,” she joked, “marijuana, pornography, and planned parenting.” […]