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Taylor Swift’s Private Jet Targeted by Green Extremists After Landing in UK

Environmental activists have broken into one of the UK’s most highly secured airports, scrawling “private jets” and writing a lengthy editorial justifying their action by claiming that Taylor Swift’s private jet is parked there.

On Thursday morning, a private jet was doused in orange paint at a London airport “where Taylor Swift’s jet had landed just hours earlier.” Two members of the environmental extremist direct action group Just Stop Oil cut through the perimeter fence with a battery angle grinder, then used a fire extinguisher filled with paint to douse “several private jets.”

Two people were arrested by Essex Police.

The group released a statement about their actions, which also included a reference to Taylor Swift, who is performing at London’s Wembley Stadium on Friday. Eras TourThey said direct action was needed, as happened on Wednesday when a “Stop the Oil” group stormed the ancient ruins of Stonehenge in England, saying “we need an urgent treaty to end the extraction and burning of oil, gas and coal by 2030.”

Activists were apparently hoping to stumble upon Taylor Swift’s jet in particular in the time they had to carry out their vandalism before police arrived, but were apparently unsuccessful.

Regarding private jet travel specifically, the group states: “It is estimated that 80% of the world’s population have never been on a plane. Just 1% of people produce 50% of global aviation emissions. Private jet passengers emit up to 14 times more carbon dioxide than commercial flights.”

The unhindered incursion into Stansted’s civilian airport terminal could reportedly ultimately result in the runway being temporarily shut down, creating a headache for the airport, which is effectively London’s safe airfield.

Stansted is the airport used by the US President when he arrives on Air Force One, instead of the larger and better known London Heathrow, because its physical characteristics and proximity to military bases make it suitable for safe operations. Stansted is also the airport to which distressed and hijacked aircraft are directed for the same reasons.

Just Stop Oil was widely criticised on Wednesday for vandalising Stonehenge by filling a fire extinguisher with paint. Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act 1979 It will therefore be a criminal offence to destroy the stones, and Brexit leader Nigel Farage said the vandals “should go to prison”.