Teen car wash worker sprays rude customer with pressure hose

After a customer throws a drink on him, a teenage car wash worker decides the best way to get revenge is with wet pressure.

Anna Halicki, 18, became an online sensation when she sprayed water from a powerful hose through the open window of a rude customer’s car while working at a car wash in Indiana.

The 14-second clip begins with Haricki power washing a white sedan when the driver suddenly rolls out the window and throws out a plastic cup of lemonade, which splatters onto a teenage boy.

A video of Anna Halicki, an 18-year-old car worker from Indiana, being shown spraying a pressure washer through an open window at a rude customer has gone viral. Jam Press Vid/@annaharycki
Harycki went viral after a video of her watery revenge was posted on social media. Jam Press/@annaharycki

Haruki immediately retaliated, pointing a hose at the woman’s open window and continuing to work as if nothing had happened.

The flamboyant moment, which happened on February 3, went viral on Instagram, racking up more than 62 million views and prompted a car wash to impose a ban on customers who throw drinks.

“I loaded the car like many cars before and made sure it was safely entering the car wash belt,” Haricki said. What’s the Jam. “Once I parked my car all the way, I entered the number into the system so I could pay to have it washed.”

Halicki was washing her white sedan when the driver threw a cup of lemonade at her. Jam Press Vid/@annaharycki
When the windows were broken in, the car wash workers immediately pointed their hoses at the driver. Jam Press Vid/@annaharycki

“I grabbed a pressure washer and started spraying their cars,” she explained. “I was shocked because the girl rolled down the window and threw lemonade at me.”

Haruki said her “reaction” to the insult was to “just power wash the window” the woman decided to take down.

Harycki (left) said her employer stood by her and barred customers from entering and exiting. Jam Press/@annaharycki

Haricki, the student, said her employer worked with her to ensure workplace safety.

“I said that to the managers and they didn’t agree with it.” [the customer] He threw a drink at me,” she said. “They decided to ban her and her boyfriend from washing cars.”



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