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‘Terrorists’ Kidnap Third Priest This Month in Nigeria

Father Micah Suleiman was kidnapped by armed gunmen in northwestern Nigeria this weekend, the third kidnapping of a Christian pastor in the past month.

As Breitbart News has reported, Nigeria has seen a “surge” in anti-Christian violence in recent weeks, including numerous kidnappings and execution-style killings, primarily perpetrated by Islamic extremists.

On June 2, Muslim Fulani assailants killed a pastor, his wife, and three other Christians in Plateau State, central Nigeria, around midnight.

The next day, Muslim terrorists linked to the Islamic State executed three Christians and made a propaganda video about the killings.

On Sunday, June 9, Fr. Gabriel Uke Kidnapped From the rectory of St. Thomas Parish in Zaman Dabo, Kaduna State, northwest Nigeria, an area hard hit by anti-Christian violence.

Then on June 16, armed assailants kidnapped Father Christian Ike, pastor of St. Matthew’s Church in Ajali, southern Nigeria, after a service at the parish annex.

Now, the “terrorist group” Kidnapped Father Micah Suleiman, parish priest of St. Raymond Dumba Catholic Church in Zamfara State, photographed from the parish rectory in the early hours of Saturday, June 22.

“We call on all followers of Christ and all men and women of good will to pray with all their hearts for his immediate and safe release,” a statement from the Sokoto Diocese, where the priest is ordained, read.

Human rights activists have protested the ongoing anti-Christian attacks, accusing the Nigerian government of inaction and world leaders of silence.

“President Tinubu claims he is ‘catching militant terrorists’ but he has done very little to stop the kidnappings and killings that are common on federal roads and premises,” said Kyle Abutu, executive director of the International Commission on Nigerian Affairs.

“Where is the anger of world leaders,” he asked about attacks on Christians. “Where is the anger of Nigerian leaders?”

“Kidnappings and killings are steadily becoming the norm and Islamic extremism is gradually winning,” said Father Moses Rorap, public relations officer for the Diocese of Makurdi in Benue state.

“These bigots in positions of authority make no pretense about their mission to Islamize Nigeria, while Christians in similar positions have opted for political correctness,” Father Rorap added.

Meanwhile, Dede Laugesen, executive director of the United Nations for Persecuted Christians, said the “silent genocide of Christians” in Nigeria continues under a veil of darkness “aided and encouraged by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.”

“It is absurd and appalling that these souls, killed solely because of their Christian faith, are being ignored by those who have sworn to ensure peace, safety and security as they travel the byways,” Laugeson said.

“This is symptomatic of a concerted effort to suppress news of the unchecked religious terrorism rampant in Africa’s largest country by population, and I believe the US government and media are complicit,” she asserted.

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