Texas authorities find 27 illegal immigrants in horse trailer during traffic stop

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) confirmed that 27 illegal immigrants were discovered in a horse-drawn carriage during a routine traffic check in Texas on Friday.

Authorities posted a video to X that shows a DPS officer stopping a Ford-250 towing a horse trailer on US-281 in Hidalgo County on Friday.

The driver was identified by officers as Jose Guadalupe Salinas of Palmview, Texas.

When asked what was in the trailer, Salinas told officers there were two horses inside the trailer.

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Texas police found 27 illegal immigrants “in distress and sweating profusely” inside a horse trailer during a traffic stop on Friday, along with three others “suffering from severe dehydration due to extreme heat and poor ventilation.” (X/ @LtChrisOlivarez)

Officers then asked for consent to search the trailer.

Salinas told the officers, “Watch out, they’re being aggressive,” before opening the side hatch for the officers themselves.

During the search, officers found 27 people crammed into a storage space in a trailer who were “in distress and sweating profusely.”

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Footage of traffic stop in Texas where 27 illegal immigrants were discovered

On Friday, 27 illegal immigrants were found inside a horse trailer during a traffic check in Texas. (X/ @LtChrisOlivarez)

Police officers can be heard and seen asking the migrants if they need water.

Officials said the three women were severely dehydrated and required medical attention due to the extreme heat and lack of ventilation.

Officers reported the individuals from Mexico to the U.S. Border Patrol.

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The USBP has taken Salinas into custody and plans to charge him with federal human smuggling.

Fox News Digital has reached out to DPS and USBP for comment.