Texas Military Border Base Construction in Full Swing

EAGLE PASS, Texas — Construction is in full swing on one of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s newest border projects, located on the banks of the Rio Grande about nine miles south of Eagle Pass. Breitbart Texas captured progress on Forward Operating Base Eagle, a military base camp designed to provide housing for 1,800 Texas Army National Guard soldiers deployed to the region as part of Operation Lone Star. .

The video shows a truck loaded with construction materials arriving at the 80-acre property acquired by the state. This video captures groundwork on utilities and foundation preparation for the vast project, located on the edge of the Rio Grande just meters from Mexico.

In February, Abbott announced a project to house the Texas National Guard in response to President Joe Biden’s border crisis. The Governor of Texas explained the need for this project:

Texas is expanding its border security capabilities by constructing a new Texas Military Department Base Camp to strengthen and improve border security operations in the region. This will allow the large number of Texas National Guard soldiers in Eagle Pass to operate more effectively and efficiently.

The new operating base promises dramatically improved accommodations for soldiers, including private quarters, a 700-seat dining facility, a recreation center, laundry facilities, and Wi-Fi access. The camp will also offer chaplaincy programs and medical and psychological health facilities, according to the Texas Department of Military Affairs.

Texas National Guard members are currently staying separate from their fellow soldiers in cramped quarters in multiple locations across the region, and may travel long distances to reach their assigned posts, state officials said. That’s what it means. Once completed, the facility will be able to accommodate an additional 500 soldiers, bringing the total capacity to 2,200.

The state will pay Team Housing Solutions, Inc., a New Braunfels, Texas, company, $131 million in operating costs through September 2024, according to contract documents from the Texas Department of Military Affairs.

The construction comes as the region has seen a significant drop in migrant arrivals in recent months. As Breitbart Texas reported, after a series of talks between the U.S. and Mexico in late December, concerns about migrants crossing the southwest border increased from nearly 250,000 in December to , which fell to less than 125,000 in January. CBP sources said the drop in arrests in Eagle Pass was even more pronounced, with arrests dropping from 4,000 to 5,000 per day in December to less than 300.

randy clark He is a 32-year veteran of the U.S. Border Patrol. Prior to his retirement, he served as Division Chief of Law Enforcement Operations, directing operations for nine Border Patrol stations within the Del Rio, Texas area. Follow him on Twitter @RandyClarkBBTX.