The ending of Knicks-Sixers proved Philly might have the worst rim bounce luck in NBA history

Monday night with less than a minute left in regulation. philadelphia 76ers They had just come off a 14-6 run to take a 101-96 lead. knicksappeared ready to run away from New York with an upset victory in Game 2 of their first round series.

Then pandemonium broke out. Because what happened next was what will go down as the most chaotic ending of the entire NBA playoffs. In other words, the Tee Knicks scored six points in about 14 seconds of game time, upset Reggie Miller, and put an end to the Sixers.

After Jalen Brunson took one of the luckiest bounces I’ve ever seen on a second-chance three, the Knicks were able to steal an inbounds pass. another He grabbed the offensive rebound and forced Donte DiVincenzo to hit his second 3-pointer of the game to regain the lead and never relinquish it. We will continue to win 104-101. After the next two free throws by OG Anunoby.

Seriously, watch this clip. Or don’t watch it if you’re a Philadelphia fan. There are about 10 moments when your brain can’t process the moment the Knicks receive the ball or the shot goes in.

Mike Breen even had to give second Donte Three a rarely used double bang.

There will always be controversy with finishes like this. And in this case, it’s not just the physicality of the final scene under the glass, but the claim that Philadelphia head coach Nick Nurse called a timeout that the referees ignored as the Knicks . We unleashed our own brand of Madison Square Mayhem.

But the fallout from those complaints, if any, aside, what’s even crazier is that Brunson missed three-ins on a night when he hardly hit anything — he missed 24 on 29 attempts. Although it resulted in a score, it was probably not Philadelphia’s most unlucky bounce. He’s been playing against them in the playoffs for the past 10 years.

That honor goes to Kawhi Leonard’s series-clinching four-bouncer in the 2019 Eastern Conference semifinals.

There are two lessons here. One for his Sixers fans and one for other fans.

Dear Philadelphia fans: I’m sorry, but if God hasn’t abandoned you, at least the basketball gods have.

And to everyone else: You can’t lose a game against the Sixers. History tells us we just have to hope the franchise star can get the ball to the rim late. Then you’ll have a chance to tear out the hearts of everyone in the City of Brotherly Love.