The Jaguars collapse was an organizational and coaching failure

January 15, 2023.

of jacksonville jaguars Won an important playoff game and came back from a 27-0 deficit. Los Angeles Chargers. When my voice was gone, my heart was full, and my phone's battery was dead, I walked from the stadium back to my hotel to write the story of the game. There is one phrase in my story that particularly left an impression on me.

“There was a little common belief in the stadium that if the Chargers messed up, they would find out. And they realized.”

Fast forward to January 7, 2024, and one thing is true. That means someone messed up and got caught. This time the Jaguars lost. tennessee titanswere eliminated from the playoffs 28-20.

The Jaguars were 8-3 in October, one game out of the No. 1 seed in the AFC. 8-3! Now they're sitting at home looking at a rookie QB and a rookie head coach representing a division that was supposed to be a fixture for the next 10 years.

The second half of the season was a failure no matter how you look at it, both organizationally and coachingly. Losing him five of his last six is ​​a disaster for everyone involved, but when you look at the losses, they're all the same.

The defense, which was one of the Jaguars' strengths in the first half of the season, fails on simple things like tackles. Miscommunication in the secondary leads to coverage failures and wide-ranging touchdowns. Problems with the offensive line have sunk the team, leaving them unable to run the ball and putting everything on the arm of a third-year QB who has had problems with fumbles. Oh, and the QB also dealt with a lingering high ankle sprain, shoulder injury and concussion during the losing streak. Good times!

The worst part about this is that the Jaguars believed they could get it back. Jacksonville didn't make many big changes last offseason. Replacing Jawaan Taylor on the offensive line with rookie Anton Harrison and bringing in Calvin Ridley were both good, but nothing drastic has changed for a team that went 9-8 last year. There wasn't. It was hoped that young talent would continue to develop with proper development and guidance.

result? 9-8 again.

This season's failures are due to the play calling of general manager Trent Baalke, head coach Doug Pederson, and the Jacksonville Jaguars' brain trust. It's one thing to fall apart, it's another to bring something different each time you lose it. All losses yielded the same result, with no signs of growth or real change. The offensive line's struggles that began early in the season reared its ugly head again in the Week 18 finale. The rollout pass from third-and-goal to the third-line TE is a play that shows the line in front of them is afraid to block properly, and the Jaguars have been afraid of it all season. On offense, the Jaguars finished 31st in adjusted line yards, according to FTN Fantasy, and you could feel it during the Jaguars' play. They finished with the highest goal percentage, and every big run seemed to be followed by three goals conceded. This offensive line is the same one Jacksonville had last year, and choosing to modify it slightly has taken them from #29 to… in 2022. The 31st.

This offseason is entering what feels like the most important moment for this franchise in my lifetime. There is no longer time for departments to sit around and take half-hearted measures.of texans is a legitimate threat, and the Colts were right there without their rookie QB. Something needs to change about the makeup of this team: the front office, coaching staff, personnel. With Trevor Lawrence entering his fourth year as QB, the front office needs to give the young star a better line to work with.

Andrew Nells / The Tennessean / USA TODAY NETWORK

Shall we talk about Lawrence? The much-hyped QB is going to be raked over the coals this offseason, and it's no one's fault but the Jaguars'. Personally, I still believe he's very good, but he has to be perfect for the Jaguars offense to survive. Lawrence did enough to elevate the Jaguars to the verge of being a serious football team, filling in major deficiencies in play-calling and offensive line with his plays.

But forcing the QB to do everything himself stretches the QB and turns weaknesses into obvious holes. Ball placement can be erratic at times for Lawrence, and fumbles are a weird and bad problem. These problems are compounded if Lawrence is not perfect for the offense to survive.

This mid-stretch collapse should be a wake-up call to owner Shad Khan and the rest of the Jaguars' brain trust. Unless something important changes, Jacksonville will remain at 9-8 forever.



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