This crazy 2-in-1 electric vehicle comes equipped with 2-seat aircraft hidden inside

Have you ever noticed that science fiction has the mysterious power to make us dream of the future?

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell where fantasy ends and reality ends.

But Chinese company XPENG AeroHT is changing things up with something straight out of a science fiction novel: a vehicle that upends our notions of travel.

With 2025 just around the corner, we’re getting a glimpse of what could be the next big thing in adventure travel.

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land aircraft 1

land aircraft carrier (XPENG AeroHT)

What is a land aircraft carrier?

The vehicle, called the Land Aircraft Carrier (LAC), combines the rugged appeal of an electric six-wheel off-roader with the capabilities of a two-seat eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) aircraft.

The essence of the LAC is a van-like six-wheeled vehicle that can travel on the most difficult terrain. A long-range electric 6WD system enhanced by six drive wheels and rear-wheel steering provides excellent maneuverability. Equipped with an intelligent cockpit with 4 to 5 seats.

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land aircraft 2

land aircraft carrier (XPENG AeroHT)

Human-controlled X3-F aviation module

Hidden inside this earthly giant is the human-piloted X3-F aviation module, ready to take its crew off the beaten path and into the skies. It features electric vertical takeoff and landing. Distributed electric propulsion allows single point failure safety requirements to be met. It features dual manual/automatic driving modes and a 270-degree panoramic two-seater cockpit.


land aircraft 3

X3-F aircraft (XPENG AeroHT)

What can the X3-F aircraft be used for?

The X3-F is more than just an aircraft. This is an eVTOL with an all-electric panoramic cockpit designed for both leisure and utility. From search and rescue missions to breathtaking aerial tours, its capabilities are as diverse as they are innovative. This vision is inching closer to reality, as AeroHT is taking the lead and has already demonstrated prototypes and obtained important certifications.

land aircraft 4

land aircraft carrier (XPENG AeroHT)

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Journey from rendering to realization

XPENG AeroHT’s journey from concept art to concrete action is a testament to innovation and ambition. The dual certification process for auto and aviation parts is daunting, but the company is making great strides. The acceptance of the type certification application by the Central and South China Civil Aviation Administration is a crucial step towards bringing the LAC to market.

land aircraft 5

X3-F aircraft (XPENG AeroHT)

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Possibilities of LAC

LAC’s dual-mode design not only offers new ways to travel, but also new ways to explore. The ground module acts as a rugged, all-terrain “mothership,” while the air module provides a unique perspective from which to experience the world. Whether you’re sailing through the wilderness or flying over it, the possibilities are as limitless as the sky.

land aircraft 6

land aircraft carrier (XPENG AeroHT)

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Cart important points

As we prepare to witness the debut of LAC, it is clear that we are not just looking at a new vehicle, but a new chapter in human mobility. The vision of XPENG AeroHT challenges us to rethink the boundaries of exploration and adventure. It remains to be seen whether it will change our world or remain an ambitious dream. But one thing is for sure: land-based aircraft carriers are a bold step into the future, promising adventure on a whole new level.


What applications do you see for LAC in various fields such as travel, emergency response, and scientific exploration? Please let us know by email.

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