This off-road teardrop trailer adds luxury camping to the most remote locations

Looking for a camper that breaks away from the traditional teardrop design and combines functionality with sophisticated beauty? Introducing the Kimberly Cube.

This innovative campervan challenges conventional wisdom with its unique rectangular profile, flat roofline and vertical rear end.

By integrating the smooth composite construction of Kimberly’s cruiser line with the closed foam of Karaban, Cube It has a compact yet surprisingly spacious design.

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Kube camper. (Kimberly Campers)

Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a long adventure, Kube brings a fresh perspective to teardrop campers, offering an eye-catching design without sacrificing space or functionality. To do.

Kimberly Kube 2

Kube camper. (Kimberly Campers)

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Designed for rough roads

True to Kimberley’s rugged, trail-ready caravan heritage, the Kube is more than just a pretty face. Built to tackle the toughest terrain, it features a molded thermoplastic composite body shell, 100% recycled ArmaPET plastic floor, and a rugged hot-dip galvanized steel chassis.

16-inch steel wheels, custom air springs, off-road racing monotube shocks, and hydraulic override disc brakes complement its rugged construction, ensuring it can handle even the most difficult off-road conditions.

Kube camper. (Kimberly Campers)

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Spacious and luxurious interior space

When you step into Kube, you are greeted by an interior that rivals that of a well-appointed hotel room. The trailer extends 17 feet, providing enough space to place a king-sized bed inside a mini greenhouse setup with 270 degree views through three large windows and an additional skylight.

kimberly cube bed

Kube camper. (Kimberly Campers)

Storage is cleverly integrated around and under the bed, ensuring every inch of space is utilized effectively. At the front of the cabin, there is a full-width console with storage solutions and an 85 L upright refrigerator/freezer for both convenience and comfort.

Extensive outdoor living

Kimberly understands that camping is about being outdoors. Kube has a sliding outdoor kitchen accessed through a hatch at the rear, complete with a two-burner stove, sink and dedicated cooking area.

Kimberly Cube exterior

Kube camper. (Kimberly Campers)

This kitchen setup allows for comfortable outdoor dining under an awning, further facilitated by a stainless steel breakfast table attached to the kitchen unit.

Kimberly Kube appearance 2

Kube camper. (Kimberly Campers)

Additionally, the Kube offers a luxurious hot shower thanks to a Webasto diesel water heater and can optionally be supplemented with a private shower/toilet tent for complete privacy.

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Kimberley Kube Rack View

Kube camper. (Kimberly Campers)

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Customized for technology and comfort

Kube is ready for any adventure with advanced technology integration, including a 200 Ah lithium battery, abundant LED lighting, optional solar charging, and Starlink satellite internet readiness.

Built-in modern comforts such as air conditioning, an onboard audio/video setup, and the ability to stay connected via super-fast 4G and GPS technology make Kube a standout in its class.


Kimberly Cube's bedroom

Kube camper. (Kimberly Campers)

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How much does a Kube campervan cost?

With prices starting at approximately $44,675, the Kimberley Kube offers a unique blend of luxury, functionality, and ruggedness, making it the ideal choice for adventurers who won’t compromise on comfort and style.

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Whether you’re exploring remote landscapes or enjoying a weekend getaway, Kube promises an unparalleled camping experience. He truly shows his presence as the “King of Off-Road.” A pioneering motorhome that promises both the thrill of travel and the joys of home, wherever you are.


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