Three Elusive Florida Panthers Caught On Camera Taking Late-Night Stroll Near Country Club

Long live the Florida Panther!

Three Florida panthers, one of the most endangered exotic animals on the planet, were caught on camera taking a late-night stroll around a Naples country club.

Photographed and published by Lisa Angel’s Blink Camera wink newsThe first video shows two Florida panthers walking side by side in a relaxed manner towards a clearing on the fringes of a dense forest on Tuesday.

The leopards appeared to be adults and slowly walked towards the grass.

About 45 minutes later, a younger-looking Florida leopard was seen frolicking around with its tail in the air like a happy child, according to a second video from WINK, and earlier in the evening, a younger-looking Florida leopard was seen frolicking around with its tail held high in the air. was heading in the same direction.

As a Floridian, I was really moved by this video.

The Florida panther is not only the state animal here in the Sunshine State, but literally a little over 200 Now that some of them are gone, I can’t help but feel a certain joy every time I see a leopard. And here there are three!

It’s crazy, I’ve been working at the Daily Caller for two years, and all those years I was looking for articles about the Florida Panthers, and they never made it to my desk. This is actually my first blog about the Florida Panthers (not including the NHL team). That’s because they are rare and there aren’t many left. So when a Florida panther is discovered, we can’t help but be happy. And it was really nice to finally be able to write about them. (Related: Oh my god, you guys should look at this crocodile monster – its name is “Fabio”)

I pray to God that this beautiful animal never becomes extinct. they are such a treasure.