Suspects in Florida boardwalk shooting caught on camera

Gunfire rang out on a crowded boardwalk on Monday, nine people were shot, and two men brandishing guns were caught on camera as a frenzied crowd fled for their lives, and Florida police are asking for the public’s help. The footage shows a brawl erupting in a crowded area of ​​a popular Hollywood tourist attraction, […]

North Korea toddler, parents jailed for life after being caught with Bible

As the totalitarian regime continues to “execute” and “torture” religious worshipers, it has sentenced a two-year-old North Korean to life in prison after authorities found a Bible in the belongings of the infant’s parents. According to one report, as many as 70,000 Christians are imprisoned in North Korea. New International Religious Freedom Report By US […]

I caught my boyfriend cheating — I hid stinky food in his home

When she found out that her boyfriend was plotting something fishy, ​​she gave off a terrible stench. A woman despised with a broken heart and a vengeful heart odor Wreak havoc on her unfaithful lover by hiding dead sea creatures in his home decor. “When he cheated on you, put shrimp on the curtain pole‘, […]

New Mexico teen gunman Beau Wilson shootout with police caught on body cam

Teenage shooter Bo Wilson pleaded with police to execute him after he shot dead three elderly women in his home state of New Mexico this week, police said in a video released Thursday. On Monday, the 18-year-old shooter’s barrage of shots was recorded on a Farmington resident’s ring camera before Wilson could clearly hear him […]