TikTok Single mom Elizabeth Teckenbrock who went viral for crying while baking own birthday cake says ex-husband is ‘Scientologist’

A single mother who made headlines after crying while making a birthday cake “to make her baby happy” has gotten into a heated argument with her ex-husband, claiming he is an abuser and a follower of the Church of Scientology.

Elizabeth Teckenbrock (29 years old) Video Rebuttal Her ex-husband, Andrew Cormier, 37, claimed he had full custody of the children, brought up her past fraud allegations and claimed she “barely knows the kids.”

“Since I broke up with him, Andrew has made a TikTok, a website, basically everything,” she claimed in a nine-minute follow-up video.

Elizabeth Teckenbrock, 29, released a nine-minute video detailing alleged abuse by her ex-husband and claiming he was a member of the Church of Scientology. Instagram / morethanelizabeth

“Probably the Scientology aspect of his life… It’s not a good or easy thing to get out of a Scientology mindset in a relationship.”

Teckenbrock claims that Cormier was “extremely abusive” towards her during their marriage and that it “won’t destroy her life” if she deleted her social media accounts the morning Cormier posted a video revealing custody of their children and her past arrest history.

She claimed she deleted the account, adding that she has been in a “not good mental state” since then.

She then went on to detail that she was “meeting the kids.”

“I don’t see the kids. I host their birthday parties, I put them to bed, I do everything until my husband takes them away,” she claims.

Teckenbrock said she reached a child custody agreement with Cormier because she “had no assets or money” when she left him “because of the abuse” and because Cormier worked as a doctor.

Andrew Cormier, 37, explained that he has full custody of the children after her video went viral. Reinventing Elizabeth/Tiktok

“He said, ‘If I sign this document, the minute I see it, nothing is going to change, I’m not going to ruin your life, and I’m going to leave you alone,'” she claims her ex-husband proposed to her.

A tearful Teckenbrock claimed she did it when she was in a “terrible emotional state.”

She is adamant that Cormier is not and has never been abusive towards her children and would “never hurt them.”

She then spoke about the events that led to her first viral video of her crying while baking a cake.

Teckenbrock claims that Cormier was “extremely abusive” towards her during their marriage. Instagram / morethanelizabeth

Teckenbrock then claimed Cormier had restraining orders from other women.

“Instead, everything you’ve found out about me comes from one man who is essentially trying to destroy my life,” she says. “That’s what Scientology is about. That’s what they do, and if you know anything about them, you know that.”

The mum-of-two admitted she’s not a “perfect person” or “mother” and said that after her divorce she went out drinking with friends because she felt “trapped in an abusive marriage” before they separated.

Now she claims again that he didn’t like the attention her videos were attracting and launched the attack to expose her.

Teckenbrock claimed another woman had a restraining order against her ex-husband. TikTok / @morethanolizabeth

“I cried on my birthday. The saddest thing was that my dad didn’t allow his daughters to come,” she said.

“For three years I have tried to keep my son off the internet because as a mother it is the right thing to do to not talk about who he is.”

Teckenbrock claims she was advised by family and friends to “come out” about her ex-husband.

“Since becoming a mother at 16, I have dedicated my life and time to being a mother… but I have never felt that my children were unsafe in my care,” she said, again admitting that she has gone out with friends in the past while being a mother.

“I have never hurt my children or put them in any dangerous situation.”

She claims that she “went psychotic from extreme trauma” a year before her split with Cormier, and that during that time, her ex-husband turned “everyone” in her life against her.

“If you’ve never experienced mental or physical abuse, it doesn’t matter. You don’t even understand what it brings,” she said.

“What’s happening is wrong. It’s wrong that I get death threats every day when I’m at home with my kids because the man I left will always try to destroy my life. Forever,” Teckenbrock said, crying.

Cormier responded to the allegations by saying he is not a Scientologist. Talable 808

She then posted a cease and desist letter from her lawyer that she filed against Cormier in Florida.

Cormier is Responded Teckenbrock claims he is not a Scientologist and did not create the website.

He said he plans to post “the unvarnished facts” in the coming days to refute all the claims she has made against him.

The mother acknowledged past mistakes, including an arrest on fraud charges that were confirmed by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.

The TikTok account where Teckenbrock posted the video that first went viral has been deactivated.

However, her Instagram account remains active.

A website featuring Teckenbrock’s arrest photo and arrest record also appeared online, but the website claims to be “just a small portion of her fans researching their favorite celebrities and public figures.”