Top British pediatrician: US medical establishment is ‘misleading’ the public about the science behind child sex changes

The UK medical establishment has long been gripped by gender ideology. We are now coming to terms with the error of our ways and realizing that “it was meant to be.”right side of history” Where the trans activist flag is proudly waved, it is actually a realm of pseudoscience, misery, and mutilation.

Dr Hilary Cass, a British doctor who previously served as president of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, put the final nail in the coffin for the “gender-affirming care” narrative in April.

Mr Cass, a highly-regarded recipient of the Order of the British Empire, was appointed by the UK’s National Health Service in 2020 to lead an independent inquiry into the UK’s gender reassignment system and the health services faced by young people. Her 388-page final report was published shortly after the UK effectively banned the prescription of puberty blockers. With shutter The infamous Tavistock Children’s Gender Identity Clinic has made abundantly clear that the evidence supporting ‘gender-affirming care’ is ‘weak’ at best.

In addition to highlighting the unreliable science and impact of sex reassignment interventions, Cass also argues that sex reassignment procedures do not affect suicide risk or produce other promised outcomes, and that amputation He pointed out that children who were exposed to this disorder were more likely to overcome the confusion.

These conclusions infuriated various radicals. Since then, Kass has also become a popular target for some left-wing lawmakers.

Mr Kass recently expressed surprise that the UK has joined other Western countries such as Finland and Finland in putting the brakes on its mutilation practices.
Norway —America’s medical establishment is speeding up with ostensibly reckless abandon.

“Do what you’ve been trained to do.”

recent interviews In an interview with the New York Times, Cass confronted the recent reaction in the United States to her findings.

“We firmly support gender-affirming care,” the Endocrine Society said, suggesting it is “necessary and often life-saving,” according to the report.

The American Academy of Pediatrics reportedly declined to comment on the details of Kass’ landmark report.
the awakened president“Politicians are barging into the doctor’s office, and it’s dangerous for both the doctor and the family,” Ben Hoffman said.

AAP has repeatedly said,
uttered abusive language against red states that protect children from child sex reassignment mutilation; repeated it is guidance “Based on evidence and science.”

“What some organizations are doing is claiming that the evidence is good. I think that’s where you’re misleading the public.”

The AAP’s guidance incorporates recommendations from the scandal-plagued World Professional Association for Transgender Health.
environmental progress Nationally syndicated radio host and co-founder of Blaze Media glenn beck In recent months, it has been exposed as a pseudoscientific activist organization whose members have been suggesting similar things behind closed doors.

Blaze News previously reported that WPATH members were quoted in a shocking report by environmental progress researcher Mia Hughes, which discussed: The inability of parents and adolescents to understand the long-term effects of so-called gender affirmation. Alleviate post-surgery regrets. and the devastating side effects of gender reassignment mutilation.

It appears that AAP still considers WPATH to be a trusted organization.

Mr. Kass took issue with the American organization’s apparent aversion to facts about “gender-affirming care.”

“When I was president of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, we had great work with the AAP,” Kass told the Times. “They are an organization that I have great respect for, but I respectfully disagree with them in sticking to a position that multiple systematic reviews have shown to be outdated.”

“It wouldn’t really matter if people said, ‘This is the clinical consensus and we’re not sure,'” Kass suggested. But what some organizations are doing is claiming that the evidence is good, and I think that’s where they’re misleading the public. ”

“We need to be honest about the strength of the evidence and say what we will do to improve it,” Kass continued. “The AAP is an organization that does a lot for children around the world, and I see it as a fairly left-leaning organization, but I would not want to make a move now that could jeopardize transgender health care. Are you afraid of that?”

Hoffman was uncomfortable with Kass’ suggestion and later stated that “the suggestion that the American Academy of Pediatrics is misleading families is false.”

“What really worries me is that people just think, ‘This person is transgender and the medical career path is the right one for them.'”

The respected British pediatrician said that perhaps if the AAP had not come under such intense political pressure, it would have “recognized that there are multiple truths in this field, namely that there are children who need treatment. “I think it could be said more subtly,” he suggested. , and that there are other children who are trying to resolve their suffering in different ways. ”

When asked what doctors should do next, Kass paused. “Do what you’re trained to do.”

“That means treating these young people as you would any other adolescent, taking a proper medical history, performing a proper assessment, and remaining curious about what is causing their distress. ” Cass said. “It could be about diagnosing autism, it could be about treating depression, it could be about treating eating disorders.”

“What really worries me is that people just think, ‘This person is transgender and the medical path is right for them,'” Kass added.

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