Tories Suspend Lee Anderson After Claiming Khan Controlled by ‘Islamists’

The Conservative Party has announced that it has suspended former deputy leader Lee Anderson from the party after he refused to apologize for claiming that London Mayor Sadiq Khan was controlled by “Islamists”.

Lee Anderson, the Conservative councilor for Ashfield and former deputy leader, said on Saturday night that the Conservatives had joined the left-wing Labor Party in London, Mayor Sadiq Khan, and liberal political and media circles who had expressed anger on behalf of Mr Ashfield. The caning was suspended after he succumbed to pressure. .

Mr Anderson sparked outrage after telling GB News on Friday: “I don’t actually believe that Islamists control our country, but what I do believe is that they control Khan and they control London. He We actually handed over our capital to our comrades.”

His comments were in reference to an article written by Suela Braverman, the former home secretary who was forced out of office over criticism of anti-Israel protests in London and disagreements with Chancellor Rishi Sunak. Mr Braverman claimed Britain was “led by Islamists, extremists and anti-Semites”.

Mr Khan responded to Mr Anderson’s comments, branding them “Islamophobic, anti-Muslim and racist” and claiming they “add fuel to the fire of anti-Muslim hatred”.

Mr Anderson was also criticized by Conservative MP Nus Ghani, who is Muslim. Said: “I don’t believe for a second that Sadiq Khan is controlled by Islamists… It’s stupid and dangerous to say so. Frankly, this is all very tiring.”

Despite intense media outcry over the comments, Ashfield refused to retract them. His refusal to apologize led to his suspension from the Conservative Party.

Conservative Party leader Simon Hart’s spokesperson Said According to the BBC: “The Chief Whip has suspended the Conservative whip on Lee Anderson MP following his refusal to apologize for his comments yesterday.”

Mr Anderson is a former Labor Party member who defected to the Conservative Party in 2018 due to Labour’s embrace of the far left. He served as Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party until January, but in his view the government had achieved great results. He resigned because he had not done so. Enough to stop illegal immigration during Rwanda’s voting.

After Anderson was suspended, Said According to GB News: “Following my call with Chief Whip, I understand the difficult position both he and the Prime Minister are in regarding my comments.

“I fully accept that in these circumstances they had no choice but to discontinue the caning.

“However, I continue to support the government’s efforts to condemn extremism in all its forms, whether anti-Semitism or Islamophobia.”

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