Trump Dominates Among Independents – Lead Over Biden Grows

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Donald Trump’s polls are looking even better.

The latest Harvard-Harris poll shows Donald Trump leading Joe Biden 49% to 43%.

Including thin people, he leads 53% to 47%, which is better than the April poll.

Breitbart reported:

In a hypothetical head-to-head race, former President Donald Trump has a 6-point lead over President Joe Biden nationally, according to a new poll from Harvard University and Harris University.

A poll released Monday found Mr. Trump holding a 49% to 43% lead over Mr. Biden with less than six months until the Nov. 5 election. 80% of respondents said they had not decided yet.

When undecided voters were asked to choose a candidate to include in the remaining sample, Trump led 53% to 47%. His 6-point advantage is a 2 percentage point increase from April, when he led Biden 52% to 48%, including lean voters.

Republicans are more likely to support the former president than Democrats are to support Biden, indicating stronger enthusiasm within the party.

The poll also found that 49% think Joe Biden’s standing as president is getting worse.

Newsmax reported:

Other findings revealed the following:

69% are deciding who to vote for. 31% are still considering their options.
46% of participants said Biden is mentally healthy. 54% said they had doubts.
49% said Biden’s standing as president has worsened.