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Trump marks 78th birthday by campaigning close to home

Former President Donald Trump will celebrate his birthday Friday night with some of his most ardent supporters in West Palm Beach, Florida, not far from his Mar-a-Lago resort.

The 78-year-old Republican presidential candidate is scheduled to address members of his fan group, Club 47, at a packed birthday party at the Palm Beach County Convention Center.

Trump was born on Flag Day. Getty Images

Festively dressed supporters of the 45th president, who paid between $25 and $60 to attend the rally, were seen gathering at the venue in Trump costumes just hours before the 7pm speech.

At least two Trump supporters appeared to pass out in the Florida heat while waiting to get in. One man wearing a “Trump” shirt was treated by paramedics, while another woman was seen lying in the parking lot, fanning herself with a “Trump 2024” cowboy hat.

As South Florida dries out after days of heavy rain and flooding, temperatures in West Palm Beach reached 100 degrees Fahrenheit on Friday.

At least one Trump fan fainted outside the venue and received medical attention. AFP via Getty Images
Trump supporters gathered outside the West Palm Beach Convention Center hours before the former president’s speech. AFP via Getty Images

Inside the convention center, ahead of former President Trump’s appearance, organizers placed a “Happy Birthday” banner at the back of the stage that read, “The President was born in the United States of America on Flag Day.”

Club 47 president Larry Snowden said members of the group expect Trump to speak about the May 30 conviction at his Manhattan hush-money trial.

“We the people are anxiously awaiting his commitment to move forward,” Snowden said. Associated Press“I know he’s going to keep moving forward no matter what the left in our country throws at him.”

Friday’s event was organized by Trump’s fan club, Club 47. AFP via Getty Images

President Trump suggested last week that he wasn’t looking forward to setting another record as it orbits the sun.

“At some point, you don’t want to hear ‘Happy Birthday,'” Trump said at a rally in Las Vegas on Sunday, as supporters began singing ahead of his big day.

“I just want to pretend that day doesn’t exist,” he added.

The former president celebrated his 78th birthday on Friday. Getty Images

But Trump said: He seemed happy. On Thursday, a roomful of Republican lawmakers yelled “Happy Birthday” and presented him with a ball and bat from the annual congressional baseball game, which Republicans have won for the fourth straight year, and an American flag cake with candles reading “45” and “47.”

“He loved it,” said Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo. He told reporters Reaction when Trump put the numbers “4” and “7” on the cake.

“We are all committed to ensuring that he becomes the 47th president,” the senator added.

Meanwhile, President Biden’s campaign released a list of 78 of Trump’s “achievements” to mark the special occasion.

The list included numerous references to Trump’s legal battles and failed business ventures.