Trump might look strong, but polls reveal ominous signs for November

Many of us would agree with Donald Trump that “Crooked Joe Biden” is “the worst president in history.” Moreover, unless the equally crooked corporate media and Democratic National Committee election coordinators can devise the necessary solutions, the bad Orangeman could be re-elected president in November.Recent polls show Trump leading Biden In 5 of the 6 battleground stateshe is far ahead of his opponents when it comes to immigration, the economy, and foreign policy.

Still, there’s something alarming about how people are responding to certain poll questions, defining themselves not just as Republicans or Fox News buffs, but as social conservatives. For those of us who are living in the world, we need to pay attention to these signs.

Perhaps in desperation, Republicans have conceded most LGBTQ+ issues to Democrats. Republicans now speak out against only the most grotesque policies.

Voters likely prefer President Biden’s approach to President Trump’s on the abortion issue, by at least an 8 percentage point difference. President Trump believes Americans should have the right to vote on abortion laws in their states. He also acknowledged the legal correctness. and the binding nature of state referendums dealing with abortion, even if they do not reflect his own more restrictive positions.

By contrast, Biden and Democrats support legislation that would give women unlimited access to abortions up until birth. Under the proposed law, no state would be allowed to limit the duration of fetal abortions. The Democratic Party’s position goes far beyond the deadline for legal abortion in even most progressive countries in Europe. But this seems to be accepted by most poll respondents who are evaluating the positions of the two presidential candidates. Don’t imagine that these voters don’t know where the candidates stand on this issue. Both Biden and Trump have made their views on abortion rights clear.

voters in my state Biden’s view is 20 points better than Trump’s. Now, abortion rights has skyrocketed to his second or third place in the constituency. ”what breaks the agreement” And every time suburban women talk on TV about the resurgence of back-alley abortions, one feels like one is drowning in hackneyed feminist rhetoric. Republican legislatures in some red states have tried to limit the length of legal abortions, but these efforts are typically overturned in referendums. Blue states have tended to have more permissive abortion laws since the Dobbs decision.

Perhaps in desperation, Republicans have conceded most LGBTQ+ issues to Democrats. Republicans now speak out against only the most grotesque policies the administration is pursuing. Examples include “gender reassignment” surgery on minors, allowing male athletes to compete in female sporting events, and encouraging men who identify as women to use women’s restrooms. And a locker. Such a strange government policy, strangely enough, does not even register as a major political issue. Unless I’m mistaken, many Americans are either unaware of or completely uninterested in the Democratic Party’s efforts to abolish traditional gender discrimination and its war on the nuclear family. However, support for unrestricted abortion rights continues to grow as an important political issue.

Equally ominous, Biden defeats Trump 9 point difference In a poll about protecting democracy and fighting “political extremism”. If that polling information is true, it should give us pause about the fall election. Unless stopped, Democrats will collect ballots months before Election Day, attempt to verify ballots submitted late and not filled out according to instructions, and remove voter identification documents. They are likely to perform a number of predictable tricks, such as: “Racist” requirements. Complaints from the Trump campaign about misconduct will be quickly ignored by the media. After all, it is Biden, not Trump, who is protecting “our democracy.”

This poll response is not entirely unexpected. For the past four years, the mainstream media has portrayed Trump as someone who makes completely false claims about the election results. Trump is said to have attempted to overthrow the government on January 6th in a desperate attempt to steal the 2020 election. The question is not whether these accusations are true, but whether they were effectively sold to the public. The media falsely portrays the Democratic Party as a model of election integrity, while portraying Trump as someone who is trying to falsify election results and subvert democracy.

Of course, Trump did himself no favors by repeatedly claiming he won the 2020 election by millions of votes. There is no way he can prove his claim, and our former president is playing into the hands of his enemies by claiming it.

That Democrats likely cheated in the last presidential election is an assumption I have no intention of disputing.

But the answer to that situation should be clear: Republicans should work tirelessly to end the Democrats’ questionable election practices. Republicans should strive to hold elections in one day, with polling places monitored by the two national parties. Naturally, the media will do everything in their power to stop that from happening. And the media’s success in misrepresenting which presidential candidate is defending democracy shows that they can manipulate the public quite effectively on certain issues.