Trump skewers ‘incompetent’ Biden, says Democrats ‘destroyed’ US-Mexico border

President Donald Trump on Thursday slammed President Biden for his handling of border security, calling him “incompetent” and blaming his administration for the immigration crisis.

The former president toured the southern border in Eagle Pass, Texas, with Gov. Greg Abbott Thursday night, then spoke with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, saying the Biden administration’s policies have left the U.S. with “the worst border in the history of the world.” said. ”

Democrats are “destroying this border and trying to destroy our country. We’re allowing people into our country who shouldn’t be coming into our country,” Trump said. “And we are allowing a very strict group of people into the country.”

The Republican presidential front-runner compared the situation in Texas to a “war zone.”

Biden himself, who was visiting the border in Brownsville, Texas, some 525 miles away, criticized Biden as “the most incompetent president ever” for reversing immigration policies he had introduced.

President Donald Trump visited the border in Eagle Pass, Texas, on Thursday. Omar Ornelas, El Paso Times/USA TODAY NETWORK

Trump claimed that he only decided to go to the border after hearing that Biden was going there.

“All of a sudden they announced they were coming,” Trump said. “But they went to the wrong area. They went to an area where the governor and I have done a good job. And basically no one is coming.”

Brownsville has significantly fewer illegal border crossings than Eagle Pass, one of the most popular destinations for immigrants seeking to enter the United States.

President Trump describes border as ‘war zone’ AP

To address the immigration crisis, President Trump told Hannity that local police would round up immigrants by the thousands and deport them to their home countries.

Local police “know who these immigrants are. They know them by first name and last name. They know where they’re from,” Trump said.

Police will then turn the migrants over to federal authorities for deportation, he added.

During a visit to the border, President Trump slammed Biden while sitting with Fox News’ Sean Hannity. FOX News Live

Earlier in the day, the Texas National Guard showed the former president where they had installed razor wire in a local park to prevent migrants from crossing the Rio Grande into the United States.

Governor Abbott, who met with President Trump, told Hannity that these measures are forcing migrants to cross into Arizona and California.

“Just four years ago, under President Trump, the number of illegal immigrants was the lowest it had been in 45 years, because President Trump put in place policies that prohibited illegal immigration,” Abbott said. “Then Joe Biden comes along and repeals all of those policies.”

President Trump told Hannity that local police would round up thousands of immigrants and deport them to their home countries. FOX News Live

In Brownsville, Biden urged Congress to approve a bipartisan additional spending bill, saying it would provide “more resources” to address the crisis.

“We can’t wait any longer,” Biden told reporters. “Several months ago, my team began serious negotiations with a bipartisan group of senators, resulting in a compromise that was the toughest border security reform this country has ever seen. ”

Biden called out Trump by name and said he needed to stop “playing politics on this issue.”



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