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Trump’s new tech support shows Bitcoin needs America

About three years ago, I I have written The New York Times reported that Bitcoin could save America from going off the rails.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission recently caused a stir through legal threats against Coinbase’s new interest-bearing cryptocurrency account program. … Deviation or shutdown: this is the un-American logic of the social credit system imposed upon us. … Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies could free ordinary Americans from the economic and psychological discipline and punishment that is at the heart of this control system.

Three years ago I started working to get people to understand that America needs Bitcoin. Now it’s time for the tech elite and the general public to understand that Bitcoin needs America.

I called then, and ever since, for state governments to “provide a broad legal sanctuary” for digital rights: “Americans need things like Bitcoin to help them take back their destiny in the digital world, rather than leaving it to private and public sector overlords.”

This call to action has been slow to prove itself, but thanks to Donald Trump, it got there this week. Inspired by the former president’s stubborn resistance to the Biden administration’s legal wars, a growing number of top tech figures are openly pro-Trump.

If Trump had capitulated, these technologists would have embraced four more years of Biden’s woke war on digital rights implicit in the First, Second, and Fourth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, including freedom of speech, freedom of association, basic safeguards to keep and bear, and freedom from warrantless surveillance and seizure.

That’s why Bitcoin is such a linchpin in Trump’s bond with technology. While most cutting-edge technologies like AI are beyond the reach or understanding of ordinary Americans, Bitcoin is fundamentally different. Now, Bitcoin is ready for the masses. use Not just to be collected in accounts approved and controlled by Wall Street, but as a means of exchange, free from control by regulators who are hostile to our way of life, our constitutional form of government, and even to humanity itself.

Coinbase co-founder and CEO Brian Armstrong Posts This week’s issue of X reported that “Bitcoin is an important tool to curb inflation and budget deficits. Bitcoin extends the American experiment and may even extend Western civilization with it. Owning Bitcoin is supporting America.”

Bitcoin is unique in tech and politics, a unique weapon that we can collectively use to pull America out of the brink, and with Trump’s embrace of Bitcoin, technologists who don’t want to join Biden are ready to embrace him back.

Now is the time for the next critical step: getting the public involved on a multi-million dollar scale. The public needs to hear from strong pro-Trump tech leaders that Bitcoin is not a get rich quick dollar speculation, but a way to reclaim the destiny of our nation from the control of woke supercomputers. Buying Bitcoin is great, but it’s not enough. Since the founding of our nation, Americans have agreed that true wealth is useful, and that honest use directed to wholesome purposes creates true wealth. That’s why millions of Americans need to use Bitcoin as it was designed: to harness its vast computational resources for what is best and most sacred for us and our lives, not for collectivist ideologies or globalist fever dreams.

Three years ago, I started working to get people to understand that America needs Bitcoin. Now it is time for elite technologists and ordinary citizens to understand that Bitcoin needs America. America has experienced countless misfortunes and failures, yet it is a unique country in the world. And that is because of the American people. Unlike any other country, we combine hard work and spiritual foundation in a special and powerful way.

This blend of passionate devotion to freedom and living faith in a living God may be under attack, but it retains a critical mass that is sorely lacking in other parts of the world. This means we have a unique opportunity and obligation to infuse Bitcoin with our unique and dynamic spiritual life. Without it, weUnfortunately, Bitcoin is destined to become the largest technological tool in a planetary box already filled with algorithms and automation – forces with no inherent reason to care about us as creatures, much less as creatures lovingly made in the image of God.

We cannot let Bitcoin become what the Borg want it to be – just a bunch of numbers that our biomass must conform to. For Bitcoin to save America, the American people must save Bitcoin. That is the message Trump and his tech supporters must unite the country with to ensure we all win.