Tucker Carlson Claims Boris Demanded One Million Dollars for Interview

Tucker Carlson has claimed that Boris Johnson demanded $1 million for an interview after he accused an American journalist who interviewed President Vladimir Putin of being a “stooge”.

Tucker Carlson claimed on Tuesday that he spoke to The Blades’ Glenn Beck and told him that Boris Johnson’s team would give him an interview if they paid him $1 million.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson’s press secretary disputed the alleged sequence of events, insisting the $1 million payment would have gone to charity rather than to an individual politician. It was further argued that guardian reportrevealed that Johnson had withdrawn from interviews following the death of Putin critic Alexi Navalny, which was widely blamed on the Kremlin.

Mr. Carlson said: “Boris Johnson was calling me a ‘Kremlin stooge’ or something… that made him angry so he asked Johnson for an interview.” [Johnson]Because he constantly accuses me of being a tool of the Kremlin. He said no,” Carlson said.

“I was getting more and more frustrated… There are a lot of people who know Boris Johnson. Finally an adviser contacted me and said, ‘He’ll talk to you, but it’s going to cost a million dollars. “I guess so.”

“I said, ‘I just interviewed Vladimir Putin — I’m not defending him, but [he] They didn’t ask me for a million dollars. So you’re telling me that Boris Johnson is much more despicable and much lower than Vladimir Putin. ”

Following his controversial interview with President Vladimir Putin earlier this month, in which he became the first Western journalist to interview a Russian dictator since the 2022 invasion of Ukraine, Prime Minister Boris Johnson called Carlson a “stooge of a tyrant. “A dictator’s dictator and a traitor to journalism.” And he claimed the interview was “straight out of Hitler’s playbook.”

The exaggerated reaction to Boris’s interview may have been influenced by Putin’s claims that Johnson personally intervened to prevent a peace deal between Moscow and Kiev immediately after the invasion, while still in office. There is.

The Russian dictator claimed that Mr Johnson’s intervention was crucial to preventing him from reaching a deal with Mr Zelensky’s ally David Alhamia in Istanbul in 2022.

“Prime Minister Johnson is here. [talked Ukraine] We missed that chance. Well, you missed it. You made a mistake,” Putin told Karlsson.

Alakamoa has previously maintained that Boris Johnson had no influence on Ukraine’s decision to withdraw from negotiations with Russia because Ukraine does not trust Russia to keep its promises. Prime Minister Boris Johnson also denied any involvement, calling the claims “complete nonsense and Russian propaganda” and saying he had only told Ukraine to “just fight” and that Britain was backing them “1000 per cent”. He said there was.

In 2022, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and other members of the government were found to have breached their own strict lockdown measures by holding a party in Downing Street while the public was forced to stay at home. ” Since being forced to resign amid the scandal, Mr. Johnson has continued to defend Ukraine and is in a position to lead the push to send more Western weapons into the conflict.

Johnson last month urged Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to “redirect the party” on Ukraine and persuade skeptical Republicans to continue funding the proxy war against Russia.

For his assistance, the former British leader received the following rewards: street name changed People are talking about him in Ukraine. mural and painting Celebrating his dedication to the Kyiv cause.

In addition to defending Ukraine, Mr. Johnson is trying to use his time in office to profit.Compared to when I was in Downing Street, there was a wide range of report Mr. Johnson, who has faced serious financial difficulties since leaving office, has earned millions of dollars from speaking engagements and signed lucrative contracts to write columns for newspapers. daily mail, And I’m going to be a presenter on the GB News network. according to Mr Johnson funded OpenDemocracy, receiving around £5m alone in the first six months after leaving office.

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