TV Actor Seth Rogen Self-Owns by Comparing Movie Theaters to Museums

Former movie star Seth Rogen, who entered the world of television acting, expressed his beautiful self by comparing movie theaters to museums.

The situation must be pretty bad this This is the only argument he can invoke in defense of the movie business.

“Paintings are still around. People still go to museums! There are things that are flashier and more “interesting” than oil on canvas, but they still attract enough people from all over the world to keep museums open. get together. There aren’t that many people who have to like movies to stick with them. Only a small portion of the population actually goes to the movies. ”

It might be the funniest thing Rogen has come up with in a decade.

In addition to likening the theatrical experience to a museum, this is a larger self-important thing: “Not that many people have to love movies to keep them going.”

that’s right!

thank you!

That’s 100% correct!

And yet…

Box office revenue in 2024 is still declining 43 percent That’s 43 percent compared to 2019, the last year before the pandemic.

The argument that you don’t need a big audience to make a box office hit is an argument I often make to support my claim that movies are in decline.

If only 5% of Americans went to movie theaters, that movie would gross about $150 million domestically. Movies today are so bad that they can’t attract even that 5% of the audience.

Hell, if you attract just 1 percent of the U.S. population, just 1 percent, your movie will gross more than $30 million domestically. Look at how many movies can’t beat this number.

The situation is so bad today that even if a movie grosses $100 million domestically, it is lied to as a hit. This is strange. The $100 million figure was a hit mark in his 1990s, 40 years ago. Factoring in inflation, that $100 million figure would make him $200 million today.

I have been told civil war ” was a hit even though it peaked at less than $70 million. Taking into account inflation, civil war It would have only made $34 million at the box office in 1995, and no one would have called it a hit. I have been told challengers announced the arrival of a brand new movie star named Zendaya. challengers After three weekends, the film grossed just $44 million domestically, which is the equivalent of $22 million in 1995 dollars.

What’s most interesting is how Hollywood continues to produce woke left-wing failures that fail to attract even 10 percent of the people who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. In other words, no one wants to see this shit.

movie business teeth It becomes a museum. What is a museum? A place that people visit once every five or ten years. As recently as 20 years ago, movies were a part of life for millions of people, something we all did on a regular basis, a place where we could come together to feel and express the same emotions and share a common It was a kind of entertainment church where humanity was explored and you walked out into the harsh light feeling more fulfilled than when you entered.

Today, the greatest art form of all time bombards us with disgusting gay sex, self-righteous lectures, lies about human nature, and sexless Mary Sues. Our kids were “queerized” in costumes like the Disney Grooming Syndicate, and we left the theater feeling cheated and cheated, wondering why we wasted 3 hours and $20. I find it strange.

That’s exactly what happened to Seth Rogen. So he moved to television. His stupid and unfunny comedy failed to attract even 5% of the population.

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