TV tonight: it’s Eurovision party time with Graham Norton and Olly Alexander | Television

Eurovision 2024: Graham meets Olly

10.40pm, BBC One

Two months left until the Eurovision final at Sweden’s Malmö Arena? Then get ready. Graham Norton will take a break from hosting his chat show this week to speak to up-and-coming British performer Olly Alexander. Olly Alexander is set to release the first full version of Dizzy’s music video. He then meets Rylan Clark in Amsterdam, who takes him to the big Eurovision party. Holly Richardson

Let’s go

8.30pm, BBC One

This week, the genius Dolly Wells and Simon Farnaby guest star as Rachel’s insufferable sister and her husband, and the Jessops are on their best behavior to prove how well they get along. Meanwhile, Sue (Alison Steadman) has some happy news. Human Resources Department

RuPaul’s Drag Race Britain vs. the World

9pm, BBC Three

Anyone interested in Drag Race knows that Snatch Game has always been a staple show on television. This week, experienced contestants will shed blanket blanks, and then some matches. With Tom Daly serving as a guest judge, we’re one step closer to being crowned Queen of Mothertucking (in high heels). Kayley dre


9pm, Skymax

Sounds and fur…Ted is persuaded to become the designated driver. Photo: NBCUniversal/Peacock

The foul-mouthed furry continues to rely on the F-bomb for comedy even as Halloween approaches. Blair wants to spend a quiet night at home with her “Thunder Buddy” and convinces Ted to become her designated driver. A drunk driving accident, some pornographic sketches, and later a creepy professor in a teddy bear suit convinced him even more. Hannah Verdier

9:45pm, Skymax

Matt Lucas, Ellis James, and Andrew Mensah continue this revived ’90s classic. Thankfully, it wasn’t quite as pretentious a beer this time around, but it’s still an irreverent look at a football week. Look forward to a look back at the Carabao Cup final and see famous soccer moments reenacted in the flaming Phoenix. phil harrison

Martin Compston’s Norwegian Fling

10pm, BBC Two

It was Norway’s National Day, and Compston and his friend Phil McHugh met up with Scots who had moved to Bergen to celebrate. They will also become fishermen for the day and try their hand at lumberjacking in Bestland County. Human Resources Department

movie selection

Burning ambition…Ferrari’s Adam Driver. Photo: Landmark Media/Alamy

Ferrari (Michael Mann, 2023)6:45 a.m., 8 p.m., sky cinema premiere
Michael Mann unleashes his inner petrolhead in this operatic play about automaker Enzo Ferrari. In Modena, Italy, in 1957, we meet Enzo (Adam Driver with opaque silver hair). His company faces stiff competition from Maserati, while his wife Laura (Penelope Cruz firecracker) and his secret mistress Lina (Shailene Woodley), with whom he has a son, I have a hard time allocating my time. The upcoming Mille Miglia (an extremely dangerous endurance race held on public roads) may be his last chance to rebuild his company. The driving scenes are exhilarating, hectic, and fast-paced, but Mann is more interested in Enzo’s turbulent home life. Simon Wardell

Wisdom of Arachnids… Hanus (voiced by Paul Dano), who co-starred with Adam Sandler in Spaceman. Photo: Provided by Netflix

Astronaut (Johan Renck, 2024), Netflix
A sci-fi movie from the director of Chernobyl starring Adam Sandler and a giant talking spider? In case you haven’t already, Johan Renck’s bizarre futuristic drama also stars Carey Mulligan, and is starring in Solaris. ” and 2001. The introverted Sandler plays Jakub, a Czech astronaut on a solo mission to investigate a mysterious gas cloud near Jupiter. But then an alien (or a hallucination?) appears in the form of an arachnid, voiced by Paul Dano, and acts as a therapist who urges Jakub to reconsider his failed marriage to Lenka, and Mulligan realizes that He performed with this. south wales

live sports

Athletics: World Indoor Championships, Friday 9:30amBBC Two The first day will be at Glasgow’s Commonwealth Arena.



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