Two Combat Disabled Veterans Came Home to a Nation in Crisis, So They Launched a Prepper Beef Company

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U.S. military personnel overseas make great sacrifices for our country from afar. During deployments, they often gain new perspectives to take back with them. So are Jason Nelson and Benjamin Reilly, who retired from the U.S. Army after being deployed throughout the Middle East.

What they found when they returned home was interesting to them. Through their roles in civil administration, they had to help stabilize communities in crisis. What they saw there is reflected in the events they see happening in the United States today.

“I've been to other countries where supply chains have collapsed, and it doesn't take a war to disrupt them,” Nelson said. “Once that happens, most people will be 100 percent dependent on government assistance, which comes with enormous constraints.”

Formed by two disabled veterans prepper all naturalis a company that specializes in high-quality freeze-dried beef for long-term storage. But they knew they didn't want to sell “beef crumbles” or the off-cuts that other companies sold as “beef chunks,” so they were the first to offer shelf-stable premium cuts like ribeye, New York strip, and tenderloin. It became. .

Nelson and Riley believe our food supply chain is at risk. With food processing plants mysteriously destroyed, avian influenza continuing to spread, trains derailing, herds of cattle suddenly dying, and globalists' relentless pursuit of insects and artificial meat, the United States is in dire straits. It is clear that we may be facing a food crisis. .

“We came back and saw that most Americans are facing many challenges,” he said. “All of this adds up to one big problem, but the simple solution was to streamline the sources of protein that people could stock up on for future lean periods.”

prepper all natural Beef is cooked sous vide using one ingredient: beef. It is then freeze-dried and placed in mylar bags with an oxygen absorber, making it shelf-stable for over 25 years. As real meat continues to come under attack from all angles, Nelson and Riley believe Americans will need as much long-lasting beef as possible.

“We would never use meat grown in a lab or cows that received mRNA injections, both of which look like they will be introduced in the near future,” Nelson said. “Meat should come from pasture, not from a petri dish. We believe in America and we want Americans to eat as much quality beef as possible.”

The company takes “Made in America” ​​in the fullest sense of the word. Their beef, from calf to plate, is sourced entirely from cows born, raised, and grass-fed on Texas pastures. Even the boxes and everything used to transport the product are American made. Patriots should expect nothing from those who spent the first half of their lives protecting us.

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