Two Men Brawl It Out Right In The Middle Of Busy Traffic Like A Couple Of Buffoons

Damn, people today are idiots.

A video of two men brawling in Wallkill, New York, has started circulating on social media, and the idiots were fighting in the middle of heavy traffic.

The scrap was caught on camera by a woman who provided the footage. News 12 Westchester. She said the incident happened on Feb. 1 as the vehicle was waiting to take a new route off an exit ramp. (RELATED: Man takes slobber knocker after slobber knocker to the face in wild plane brawl)

News 12 reached out to the Wallkill Police Department, who said there have been no reports of the fight.

But lucky for us, it’s all caught on video for you to enjoy your popcorn… Check out these ignorant people.


Another day, another collapse of American civilization.

But at the same time, I have to give them at least a little credit for continuing to have that Big Apple “tough spirit.” Wallkill is just an hour and a half from New York City.

Frankly, that city needs to go back to the days of Roy Cohn and Donald Trump.

I don’t care what people say about the late great Cohn, Trump, Roger Stone, the legendary Richard Nixon, the true soldiers of the political right, they are gold standard As for how we should be…frankly, we haven’t done things since those days.

Today’s rights are not valid, this is:

Trump Republicanism…Stone Republicanism…whatever you want to call it…that’s the only way to truly exist politically.



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