U.S. Medical Establishment Too Scared to Admit Child Gender Transitions Are Dangerous Like Other Nations Have

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher reacted to Britain and Scandinavian countries turning back transition-age children, saying that while the United States has tried to be very progressive, , said the U.S. health care system is actually behind the rest of the world. They won’t make the same changes as other countries because “they’re afraid.”

“Let me add one more thing to the discussion there about rolling back some of the excesses of 2020…This is in the UK, but they have now declared the US significantly behind,” Maher said. To me, this is a symbol of woke overreach, where you think you’re so progressive, but you’re actually behind the times…In other words, let’s get America far ahead. And so, not just the UK, but all the Scandinavian countries, to me, this says a lot about where we’ve gone and, hopefully, we. I hope that’s back to a place of sanity because, yes, I don’t think we should do medical intervention on children before they understand who they are. .”

new york times Columnist Pamela Paul says, “It’s a horseshoe, and I hope that someday we can go around the horseshoe. But we don’t know when that will happen, because at the moment the medical establishment and major medical associations are silent. Because they are protecting it or actively working on it.”

Then Maher said: they are afraid. ”

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