UFC’s Sean Strickland calls NFL ‘spineless cowards’

UFC fighter Sean Strickland has spoken out against the NFL and the negative reaction to Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker’s speech at Catholic University.

Butker delivered an anti-politically correct commencement speech to hundreds of Benedictine University graduates, criticizing President Biden, diversity programs and the role of men in society.

Strickland, who is never shy about speaking his mind, again chimed in, calling the NFL “spinning cowards” after league representatives distanced the organization from Butker’s comments.

“Harrison Butker spoke as an individual,” said Jonathan Bean, senior vice president and chief diversity and inclusion officer. “His opinions do not represent those of the NFL as an organization. The NFL remains steadfast in its commitment to inclusion, which only makes the league stronger,” the DEI head added. USA Today.

“You can be against same-sex marriage. It’s okay. You’re not a bigot.”

Strickland wrote a few days later: X:

“Since when did the NFL become such cowards? Man + Woman = Marriage[.] Nothing else,” he continued.

“Texts, history, tradition… it’s very simple. ‘It doesn’t matter who can marry’ and saying that makes you a weak man. That’s what they want you to say… have faith,” the middleweight wrote.

another post Seventeen minutes later, Strickland clarified that he had no hatred towards gays.

“I have no hatred for gay people. If you’re gay, stay gay. Be happy. I wish you happiness.[.] “But that doesn’t mean we have to give in to every social issue that’s trying to destroy America and manhood,” he continued. “You can be against same-sex marriage. That’s fine. You’re not a bigot.”

OnlyFans Models Responded He voiced his support for Strickland, saying:[The] The institution of marriage is predicated on having children, and two men cannot do that.”

“This is a valid point of view. What we are against is teaching it to kindergarteners and administering life-changing procedures and medications to anyone under the age of 18,” the woman added.

Strickland Reply “100 percent.”

Strickland’s recent comments expressed his displeasure with the constant flying of foreign flags on U.S. soil.

“I am so sick of seeing foreign flags in America. I don’t understand it,” Strickland wrote. X“You left a corrupt country to come to the US and you still represent the country you fled from? The worst part is, US-born Hispanics flying the Mexican flag. Where are your loyalties? Just go back and enjoy your foreign flag,” he added.

This includes the flags of Israel and Ukraine being blessed by US politicians.

Butker has received support from teammate and star quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who said Butker is a “good guy” who “cares about those around him” and is “family-oriented.”

Chiefs coach Andy Reid also said he didn’t believe Butker was “saying bad things about women.”

“He has his opinions and we all respect them. I put you in this room and there are a lot of opinions that I don’t like,” Reid added.

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