United Airlines ‘disappointed’ with Boeing’s Max 10 delays

United Airlines executives say the airline is “extremely disappointed” in Boeing after delays in deliveries of new Max 10 planes following an accident in which a door panel exploded mid-air during an Alaska Airlines flight last month. said.

United Airlines Chief Financial Officer Mike Leskinen told attendees at an industry conference on Tuesday that the delay had thrown a wrench in the Chicago-based airline’s growth projections.

The Federal Aviation Administration has postponed certification of the Max 10, the largest model in Boeing’s 737 Max family of jets, following the Jan. 5 accident aboard an Alaska Airlines flight.

United Airlines executives are increasingly frustrated with Boeing over delays in certification of its newest class of Max 10 jets. AP

United Airlines was expecting upgraded aircraft, including 277 Max 10 jets.

The company also has the option to purchase 200 more units.

The chief financial officer said the delays called into question the company’s ability to expand domestic shipping capacity by almost 30% by 2026 under its United Next plan.

Leskinen said at the Citi industry conference that without the Max 10 fleet, airlines would not be able to grow as fast as they did.

“What you’re going to see is much more Max 9, [Airbus] It’s an A321,” he said.

“We don’t know that combination yet. It depends on the price.”

United Airlines has not canceled the orders, but the airline has removed them from its internal plans.

Last month, United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby warned Boeing that the grounding of the Max 9 could change the airline’s plans.

United Airlines had been looking to acquire the Max 10 planes to boost growth. Reuters

“The Max 9 stranding is probably the straw that broke the camel’s back for us,” Kirby told CNBC last month.

“We intend to build an alternative plan that does not include Max 10.”

United has approached Boeing’s rival, France-based aircraft manufacturer Airbus, about purchasing additional A321neos to replace its Max 10s.

Leskinen said the Chicago-based airline has the option of adding Airbus products to its “Boeing large fleet” fleet to extend the life of some of its planes as they reach retirement.

The Post has reached out to United Airlines, Boeing Co. and Airbus for comment.

Regulators grounded an Alaska Airlines flight operating a Boeing Max 9 after a mid-air door explosion occurred. AP

The pilot of a Boeing Max 9 flying from Oregon to California was forced to make an emergency landing after the exit door was blown off the plane mid-air.

A preliminary investigation found that a missing bolt may have been the cause of the accident, prompting federal regulators to take the Max 9 out of service and suspend certification of the new Max 10 model.

The Washington state-based aerospace giant’s stock price has fallen about 20% since the near-disaster.

United Airlines has reportedly approached Boeing rival Airbus to consider a potential Max 10 replacement. Getty Images

Separately, a passenger on a United Airlines cross-country flight captured footage Monday that appeared to show one of the wings of another Boeing plane coming apart.

Kevin Clark was among 165 passengers on board a Boeing 757-200 flying from San Francisco to Boston when the right wing appeared to begin shattering.

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