Video: Female worker swings hammer at masked thief at pizza shop in Oakland where crime has been off the charts

Surveillance video captured the moment a female employee tried to swing a hammer at a masked thief at an Oakland pizza shop where crime seems to be getting worse by the day.

In fact, a video showed Cibel Pizza employees using recycling bins to fend off scammers who entered the store around 10:30pm on Friday. KGO-TV reported.

“They tried to steal the register. … My employees were very, very brave. … I told them not to do that … but they I had to protect myself,” owner Elizabeth Sanchez told the station.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Sanchez told KGO that Friday’s incident is the latest of four similar crimes that have already occurred at Oakland stores this year.

She added that the department has difficulty retaining employees because crime in the area is so bad. She also said she and her husband work seven days a week and are considering closing the Oakland store. KGO also has a San Francisco store.

“Sales are down because no one wants to go out. They’re afraid for their safety,” Sanchez told the station. “Sales are down and it’s even worse than it was during the pandemic.”

A representative from the Sheng Tao mayor’s office told KGO that they are working with Mr. Sanchez and other small business owners to improve safety, and Mr. Sanchez said there is no budget available for such purposes. The agency added that it appears that this has been done.

“All business owners need help,” she pointed out to KGO. “inside and out” [Burger]Denny’s, those are big chains, but what about us? [a] Small business? Where is here? For me as an immigrant, this was the American dream. But where is it now? ”

California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom said earlier this week that he would send additional state personnel to Oakland to help curb an “alarming and unacceptable” crime wave.

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