Video shows Texas teen muggers viciously throw woman to ground

A teenage mob in Texas ganged up on an elderly woman in a brazen daylight robbery before violently shoving her to the ground, according to cellphone video of the assault.

San Antonio police continue to search for bullies involved in Valentine’s Day 6-on-1 attack. According to CBS19.

The video shows young men surrounding the victim.

Police said the attack was captured on cellphone video by a witness. san antonio police department
The woman’s back and head were smashed against the pavement. san antonio police department

Then they shoved her, grabbed her by the shirt, and dragged the poor woman to the ground with her back against the edge of the curb.

The boys quickly ran away as the woman was thrown to the ground.

The battered and dazed victim was forced to crawl on all fours, unable to stand.

Investigators say she fell and hit her head on the pavement.

The teens tackled the woman to the ground and then fled. san antonio police department
After the attack, the woman appears unable to stand up on all fours. san antonio police department

Police said the suspects searched her pockets and stole hundreds of dollars from her during the attack at West Cesar Chavez Boulevard and South San Dali Avenue.

The video does not show where the suspects fled to, but investigators are hoping someone in the neighborhood can identify the teens.



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